State program opening up vaccines to homebound Hoosiers

Statewide — Indiana continues to make progress in vaccinating homebound Hoosiers for COVID-19 through a whole-community approach to reaching vulnerable residents.

The Homebound Hoosiers vaccination program is helping communities across the state by identifying residents who are unable to leave their homes and utilizing EMS to visit and administer vaccines. Participants in the program must meet current eligibility requirements, but they also are physically unable to visit a vaccination clinic or do not have family or friends to help them register and travel to a site.

As of Wednesday, more than 1,200 Indiana residents have been registered in the Homebound Hoosiers portal.

To get on the list for in-home vaccinations, please contact your local Area Agency on Aging by calling 800-986-3505 or visit the AAA regional map for contact information. A resident is eligible if he/she meets other requirements, needs special transportation or assistance to leave the home, or has a medical condition that prohibits leaving the home.