Buy – Sell – Trade

Weekday Mornings 9:10-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:10-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondayNeed Handyman To Cut Hedges744-3734
MondayLaying Hens-L4363-5241
MondayStainless Steel Kitchen Sink-4S934-4722
MondayInternational Low Boy Tractor and Vehicle Toll Dolly, and Rear Tine Garden Tiller-4S621-2762
Monday'77 Corvette-4S
'64 Impalla Parts-L4
Monday'99 Honda Accord-4S623-1222
MondayTable & Chairs, Home Audio, and Small TV with DVD Player-4S621-6121
MondayBobcat Mower-4S623-0157
Monday'08 Bushhog-4S852-4389
MondayHome Sewing Machines-4S
Indian Artifacts-L4
MondayElectric Stove-4S212-0599
Monday'01 Blazer, '05 Kya Sedan, and Early 90's Kawasaki Mule with Dump Bed-4S577-2951
MondayWill Do Babysitting212-1801
MondayFeeder Pigs-4S621-2510
MondayLadder Rack, Wood Stove, and Swiss Fiberglass Truck Cap-4S 623-4980
MondaySmall Acreage of Hay in the Field-4S663-8089
MondayHammond Organ or Parts-Free689-6756
MondayYoung Mixed Breed Rabbits-4S765-561-1597
MondaySmall Female Dog-L4934-4498
Monday23 ' Precision Sailboat with 8 HP Motor, Electric Start, & Trailer-4S513-896-7600
TuesdayHome Audio Systems Equipment-4S621-6121
Tuesday'99 Honda Accord-4S623-1222
TuesdayOld 78 Records and Old Time Magazines-4S
Zero Turn Riding Mower-L4
TuesdayVinyl Replacement Windows and Cast Iron Sinks & Tubs, and Romwebers Table Top-4S212-5276
TuesdayPorch Swing-L4663-3140
TuesdayTruck Tires with Wheels & Rims-4S
Old Greenhouse Square Glass-Free
TuesdayAntique Kitchen Chairs and Church Choir Benches-4S212-5275
TuesdayMetal Roofing-Free
Tuesday'61-'66 Ford Truck Front & Rear Gas Tanks-4S756-9547
TuesdayCow Herd Shares, John Deere Plow, and Bathroom Vanity-4S525-0676
Tuesday3 BR Home in the Country-4R
Batesville Area

WednesdayPekin Duck Eggs-L4934-2160
WednesdaySnapper Mower, Snapper Pressure Washer, and Pallet Jack-4S662-7601
WednesdayGE Dishwasher and Kenmore 4 Burner Stove Top-4S212-6741
Wednesday'99 Honda Accord-4S623-1222
WednesdayCow Herd Shares, 2 Bottom John Deere Plow-4S
Manure Spreader with End Gate-L4
WednesdayLazy Boy Recliner, Huffy Exercise Bike, and Home Sewing machines-S212-2323
WednesdayChannel Hedge Cattle & Squeeze Shoot-4S614-7216
Wednesday6 ' x 6 ' Dog Kennel and Dog Tracking System-4S654-4722
WednesdayBoat Oars-4S363-3698
WednesdayChihuahua/Yorkie Puppies-4S623-3749
WednesdayTruck Tires, Wheels, & Hubcaps-4S765-938-1041
Wednesday3 BR Home in the Country-4R
Batesville Area
Quart Canning Jars-L4
WednesdayYard Machine-4S513-763-0768
WednesdaySmall Puppy and Electric Dryer-L4212-6257
WednesdayWill Do Babysitting212-1801
WednesdayNew Holland Riding Mower-4S363-4352
WednesdayLadder Rack, Wood Stove, and Swiss Fiberglass Truck Cap-4S 623-4980
Wednesday5 × 8 Utility Trailer with Back Ramp-L4621-4317
ThursdayPoodle or Pyrenees Dog-L4934-4506
ThursdayPergo Flooring-L4765-647-4840
ThursdayHolland Gas Grill with Tanks-4S614-6688
ThursdayVinyl Replacement Windows, and Dust Shop Collector, and Romwebers Table Top-4S212-5276
ThursdaySnapper Mower-4S363-2372
ThursdayGrayco Generator, Home Wagon, and Sears Mower-4S765-561-5543
ThursdayCarry All-4S829-7620
ThursdayTruck Tires, Wheels, & Hubcaps-4S765-938-1041
ThursdayVarious Plastic Bottle Caps-Free623-3170
ThursdayRoll Top Desk, Large Flower Pots, and Electric Motors-4S744-4552
Thursday250 Gallon Gas Tank with Stand & Filter-4S623-3571
ThursdayTop Soil-4S
Can Deliver
Thursday5 × 8 Utility Trailer with Back Ramp-L4621-4317
Friday'77 Corvette-4S
Chevy Big Block Tall Deck Engine and 20 " Bikes with Mag Wheels-L4
FridaySnapper Mulcher Mower, Antique End Table, and Stainless Lamp-4S662-7601
FridayBobcat Mower-4S623-0157
FridayPekin Duck Eggs-L4934-2160
FridayOffice Desk-Free654-3010
FridayRear Tine Garden Tiller and '83 Trans Am-4S621-2762
FridayLazy Boy Recliner, Exercise Bike-4S
Indian Artifacts-L4
Friday'99 Honda Accord-4S623-1222
FridayTricycle, Yard Umbrella Clothes Line, 05 Chevy Uplander Van-4S222-0010
FridayHoover Sweeper with Attachments-4S623-3963
FridayPush Mowers-4S614-5248
FridayCountry Rubble 150 Square Foot Of Coronado Stone-4S
Antique Cream
Friday5 × 8 Utility Trailer with Back Ramp-L4934-6682