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Weekday Mornings 9:10-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:10-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondayWill Collect Scrap Metal689-1861
MondayWill Collect Old Records765-847-2649
MondayLazy Boy Recliners, large Hallway Mirror-4S717-0495
MondayHens & Roosters and Square Hay Bales-4S525-0676
MondayCherry China Cabinet-4S934-3878
Monday'87 Scottsdale Suburban and Crosley AC-4S593-7249
MondayFarm Tractor with Loader and U-Haul Van-4S786-6426
MondayDennon Surround Sound System Stereo, Large Aquarium with Accessories, and Bedroom Dresser with Mirror-4S410-2101
MondaySmall Refrigerator-L4934-5128
MondayLife Jackets and '06 Suzuki 4-Wheeler-4S290-6529
MondayCub Cadet Lawn Tractors and STX 38 John Deere Parts-4S621-0353
MondayFresh Brown Eggs-4S212-1940
Monday4 x 8 Trailer with Ramp, Tool Box with Trailer Wheels, and Ramps-4S577-2951
Monday'03 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, '01 Ford Excursion Van, and '08 Chevy Tahoe-4S623-5051
MondayBack Teeter Inversion-4S814-931-7803
MondayIndiana Superstock Race Car-4S859-739-7302
TuesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal689-1861
TuesdayWill Collect 45's & 78's765-847-2649
TuesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal290-4377
TuesdaySofa & Side Chairs-4S934-4021
TuesdayChina Cabinet-4S934-3878
TuesdayDennin Stereo Surround System, Bathroom Vanity, and Large Aquarium-4S410-2101
TuesdayKenmore Refrigerator and Deep Well Pump-4S Stump Grinder-L4765-938-1041
TuesdayPolaris Sportsman 500 Quad, '01 Chevy Silverado, and '83 Pontiac Firebird-4S621-2762
TuesdayReds/Red Sox Tickets-4S
Sunday's Game
TuesdayTruck Camper-4S221-4158
TuesdayReds Hall of Fame Tickets-4S934-3716
TuesdayTrailer Tires and Oil Furnace-4S623-4199
Smart I Phone-L4
TuesdayMower Grass Catcher, Magic Chef Electric Range, and Troybilt Mower-4S371-8132
TuesdayTV Table/Stand,Telescope, and Swimming Pool Solar Panels-4S391-0082
TuesdayClimber Tree Stand and 100 Gallon Water Traugh-4S614-4217
TuesdayFeeder Calves-4S614-2066
TuesdayHouse Sliding Patio Door-L4756-2538
TuesdayGuinea Pigs-Free To Good Home717-0246
TuesdayBorder Collie/Husky Mixed Puppy-L4934-3290
Tuesday'06 & '97 Ford Trucks and Grader Blades-4S786-6426
TuesdayHonda Harmony Mowers-4S765-265-6343
TuesdayCast Iron Skillets, Pocket Knives, and Wine Barrels-4S623-3136
TuesdayIndiana Superstock Race Car-4S859-739-7302
Tuesday'03 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, '01 Ford Excursion Van, and '08 Chevy Tahoe-4S623-5051
TuesdayWood Gate, Ladder Jacks, and 2-Drawer File Cabinet-4S744-4552
WednesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal290-4377
WednesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal689-1861
WednesdayOld 45's & 78's-L4765-847-2649
WednesdayLiving Room Outfit-4S934-4021
WednesdayChina Cabinet-4S934-3878
WednesdayDump Trailer, Snapper Mower, and Play Throwers-4S371-8132
WednesdayBathroom Vanity, Denning Surround Sound Stereo System, and Dresser with Mirror-4S410-2101
WednesdayAluminum Extension Board-L4934-4296
WednesdayLazy Boy Recliners and Hallway Mirror-4S717-0495
WednesdayTrailer Tires and Engine Hoist-4S623-4199
Wednesday'06 Suzuki 400 4-Wheeler and Lifejacket, and Ski-4S290-6529
Wednesday'87 Honda Shadow and John Deere Mower-4S
Wednesday'10 Coachman Catalina Camper-4S852-4427
WednesdayPedestal Oak Table & Chairs-4S934-4432
WednesdaySolar Generator System-4S593-7249
Wednesday2 Bottom Plow-L4716-0951
WednesdaySquare Hay Bales-4S
Smart I Phone-L4
WednesdayCase Pocket Knives, Firewood, and 17" Tires-4S623-3136
Wednesday'03 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, '01 Ford Excursion Van, and '08 Chevy Tahoe-4S623-5051
WednesdayDesk, Wood Gate, and Shallow Well Water Pump-4S744-4552
WednesdayIndiana Superstock Race Car-4S859-739-7302
ThursdayWill Haul Scrap290-4377
ThursdayWill Collect Scrap Metal689-1861
Thursday'99 Pontiac Grand Am GT, '87 Honda Shadow, and John Deere Mower-4S560-3753
ThursdayLiving Room Furniture-4S934-4021
ThursdayFord 8-Lug Truck Rims-4S
Sliding Door-L4
ThursdayAudio Surround Sound System, Bathroom Vanity, and Bedroom Dresser-4S410-2101
Thursday'87 Suburban-4S Building Materials and Older Utility Quad-L4593-7249
ThursdayWhite Refrigerator, Antique Victrolla, and Deep Water Well Pump-4S765-938-1041
Thursday1 BR Duplex-4R
Batesville Area
ThursdayOld Records-L4765-847-2649
ThursdaySquare Hay Bales, Cow Herd Shares, and Kitchen Table-4S525-0676
ThursdayGSI Grain Bin Fan & Stir Raider-4S614-4940
ThursdayLog Cabin-4S606-875-9866
ThursdayTruck Tires-4S765-207-2598
ThursdayKenmore Electric Stove-4S934-5426
ThursdaySewing Machines-4S212-2323
Thursday4 Row No Till John Deere Corn Planter-4S716-1015
ThursdayReds Tickets-4S
Sunday (9-17)
ThursdaySeasoned Firewood-4S765-647-2132
ThursdayBaseball/Basketball Card Collection-4S577-7523
ThursdaySanta Claus Suit-4S667-6812
ThursdayEarth Stone Free Standing Gas Fired Room Heater, with Blower and 21 ' Vent Pipe-4S934-5237
ThursdayIndiana Superstock Race Car-4S859-739-7302
Thursday'03 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, '01 Ford Excursion Van, and '08 Chevy Tahoe-4S623-5051
ThursdayCanning & Slicing Tomatoes-4S623-3136
ThursdayDouble Size Metal Bed Frame, Desk, and Metal Fence Posts-4S744-4552
FridayWill Haul Scrap290-4377
FridayWill Collect Scrap Metal689-1861
FridayOld 45's & 78's-L4765-847-2649
FridayYard Swing, Bathroom Vanity, and Sofa, End, & Coffee Tables-4S934-4021
Friday3 BR Duplex-4R
Greensburg Area
FridayBathroom Vanity,Yard Swing, and Dennon Sound Equipment-4S410-2101
FridayDeep Well Pump, Kenmore Refrigerator and Antique Victrolla-4S765-938-1041
FridayMusic Keyboard Player-L4212-8348
FridayKenmore Refrigerator and Deep Well Pump-4S
Stump Grinder-L4
FridayLazy Boy Recliner-4S934-4825
FridayDouble Sink-4S934-3290
FridayAntiques Ariens Tiller-4S623-4199
FridaySewing Machines, Motorcycle Helmets, and Motorcycle Magazines-4S212-2323
FridayFishing Boat with Trailer & Accessories-4S212-6865
FridayTruck Tires-4S765-207-2598
FridayCavalier Wheels & Tires-4S498-6095
FridayMetal Roofing for Siding-4S852-4802
FridayWhirlpool Glass Top Stove and Whirlpool Washer & Dryer-4S801-9835
Friday'01 Dodge Dakota Truck Bed Top, 8 Drawer Light Colored Dresser with Mirror, White Wood Core Steel Exterior Door-4S852-4421
FridayMasonry Mixer and Coronado Stone-4S623-3358
FridayKenmore Upright Freezer-4S934-3878
Friday'03 Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer, '01 Ford Excursion Van, and '08 Chevy Tahoe-4S623-5051
FridaySilky Chicks-4S513-212-7476
FridayWood Gate, Shallow Well Water Pump, and Steel Fence Posts-4S744-4552
FridayWhiskey Barrel and 17 " Tires-4S623-3136
FridayIndiana Superstock Race Car with Trailer-4S859-739-7302