Buy – Sell – Trade

Weekday Mornings 9:10-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:10-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondayWill Haul Scrap532-0379
MondayGalaxy XS Phone and Smart 29 " TV-4S317-499-9794
MondayCountry Clipper Mower-L4765-647-5833
MondayMilk Crates, Kitchen Table, and Antique Mirrors-4S623-4199
MondayCeiling Electric Garage Heater-4S212-8230
MondayBumper Hitch-L4290-6529
MondayKitchen Cabinets and Sink Tops-4S765-938-3841
MondayColor Packa Drill Seeder-L4525-1249
MondayOutdoor Storage Bin and Blazer Single Bike Rack-4S934-2129
MondayHay Rakes, and Electric Motors-4S
MondayScrap Metal-Free
MondayPost Driver-L4934-2367
Monday6 x 8 Farm Wagon/ Trailer, Weight Bench with Weights, and Ping Pong Table Top-4S 623-2068
MondayBeagle Puppy and VCR-L4
MondayChain Hoist with Trolley and I-Beam-4S Older TV & Stand-Free212-4559
MondayCanning & Slicing Tomatoes-4S623-3136
TuesdayWill Haul Scrap532-0379
TuesdayCow Herd Shares and Hay Rakes-4S525-0676
TuesdayFence Charger, Grain Bin Gas Fan, and Light ing Rods-4S614-6688
TuesdayZip Up Cooler with Baseball Cards, Baby Boys Walker, and Little Boys Clothes-4S317-499-9794
TuesdayMilk Crates, Kitchen Table, and Glass Vases & Fruit Bowls-4S623-4199
Tuesday'99 GMC Sierra and Cherry Picker-4S513-760-4334
TuesdayLegacy Kitchen Cabinets-4S765-938-1041
Tuesday'79 F-150-4S
Need Local Contractor To Do Work On House
TuesdayLaying Hens with Brown Eggs-L4934-2160
TuesdayGas Dryer and Pac & Plays-4S623-6071
TuesdayRed & White Potatoes-4S663-3779
Tuesday'95 Dodge Dakota-4S786-6426
TuesdayChest Freezer-L4663-9265
TuesdayBrillion Cultipacker Seeder-L4525-1249
TuesdayCanning & Slicing Tomatoes-4S623-3136
WednesdayWill Haul Scrap532-0379
WednesdayKitchen Cabinets, Faucets, and Barn Wood-4S765-570-8892
WednesdayCow Herd Shares and Hay Rakes-4S525-6100
WednesdaySewing Machines and Well Water Pump-4S212-2323
WednesdayMilk Crates, Glass Vases & Round Fruit Bowls, and Kitchen Tables-4S623-4199
WednesdayLawn Fertilizer Spreader and John Deere Mower Parts-L4852-4807
WednesdayEarly 70's Cub Cadet Mowers and John Deere Mowers-L4621-2762
WednesdayJordan Clothes & Size 11 Nike Shoes, Home Decor Signs, and Box Fan-4S317-499-9794
Wednesday22 ' Gooseneck or Bumper Hitch Flat Bed Trailer-L4290-6529
Wednesday32 x 8 Tables-4S852-4802
WednesdayTruck 250 Gallon Water Tank-4S513-760-4334
Wednesday55 Gallon Fish Aquarium with Accessories-4S212-1105
WednesdayCoffee Table-4S212-3699
WednesdayBlue Tick Hounds-Free To Go Home212-1991
WednesdayNewborn to 3-6 Month Boy Clothes, Kids Toys, and Lotus Blooming Baby Bath-4S621-5767
WednesdayConcrete Bird Bath, Large Flower Pots, and Metal Shelving-4S744-4552
ThursdayDeutz DX 90 Tractor, Cow Herd Shares, and Electric Motor-4S525-0676
ThursdayWill Haul Scrap532-0379
ThursdayAir Conditioner, Men's Bike, and Leather Trunk-4S317-499-9794
ThursdaySaddle with Accessories and Hoosier Cabinet-4S
15 " Wheel Toyota Tacoma Truck-L4
ThursdayTruck 250 Gallon Water Tank-4S513-760-4334
Thursday'98 GMC Truck. Dining Room Tables, and Vehicle Bike Rack-4S934-2129
ThursdayJohn Deere L-110 Mower-4S212-2476
ThursdayTires & Rims-4S623-1222
Thursday'08 Silverado-4S212-3861
Thursday'71 Cub High Boy Tractor-4S513-646-1218
Thursday1,600 Gallon Dump Truck Water Tank and Various Mineral Tubs-4S
Green Beans and Red Beets-L4
ThursdayUniroyal All-Teririan Truck Tire and Wine Cooler-4S623-5780
ThursdayShock Collar-4S689-5905
ThursdayPack & Plays and Maytag Dryer-4S623-6071
ThursdayIndiana State Fair Tickets & Parking Passes-4S593-0391
ThursdayMale & Female Chihuahuas-4S765-647-3294
ThursdayRiding Mower and Weedeater-4S637-0049
ThursdayConcrete Bird Bath, Wheelbarrow, and Plastic Barrels-4S744-4552
ThursdayTruck Tires Size 305/55/R20-L4212-6608
FridayWill Haul Scrap532-0379
FridayDeutz DX 90 Tractor, Cow Herd Shares, and Electric Motor-4S525-0676
FridayMilk Crates, Wooden Chicken Crate, and Kitchen Table-4S623-4199
FridayAllis Chalmers 3-Wheel Tractor, '81 F-250, and '98 Honda Car-4S654-3135
Friday'99 GMC Sierra and Scraps-4S513-760-4334
FridayKilby Camper Shell, Wooden Dressers, and Couches-4S363-4569
FridayUpright Piano-Free
30 ' TV Antenna Tower-4S
FridayKitchen Cabinets-4S765-570-8892
FridayWhirlpool Electric Stove-4S934-2621
FridaySuzuki Quad ATV Tires-L4614-5248
FridayFemale Beagle-4S689-5905
FridayBathroom Double Sink Top & Bathroom Mirror-4S212-2963
FridayKids Life Jacket and Tree Trimming Equipment-4S317-499-9794
FridayHome Sewing Machines and Antique China Cabinets-4S212-2323
FridayCanning & Slicing Tomatoes-4S623-3136
FridayStihl Chainsaw, BVM 200 Poulan Blower, and Poulan Weedeater-4S498-8580
Friday'01 Chrysler Town & Country Mini Van-4S593-4725
Friday55 Gallons of Used Motor Oil-Free765-698-4943
FridayDayton Central Dust Collector for a Cabinet Shop-4S212-7941
FridayLarge Bird Bath, Plastic Barrels, and Flower Pots-4S744-4552