South Dearborn students win Dearborn County Maverick Challenge

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. — Two South Dearborn High School seniors’ business plan for fresh and convenient family meals has made them the Dearborn County champions of the 2017 Maverick Challenge.

Last September, Oliver Moisio and Chris Weissmann entered the Maverick Challenge, a business planning competition for high school students across 12 southeastern Indiana counties.

AIM Young Professionals of Dearborn County was proud to administrate the program in the county for the fifth straight year.

Over several months, Chris and Oliver developed their business idea for Fresh Ease, LLC.

The classmates devised a service giving local consumers a healthy and convenient option for dinner.

The fast food alternative would sell a variety of dinner kits which could be picked up or delivered, then be quickly prepared at home by health-conscious consumers with little time to grocery shop or cook their own meal from scratch.