Hoosier Ag Today, state agencies partner to promote road safety during planting

(Statewide) – As planting begins across the state, Hoosier motorists will see more large, slow-moving, farm equipment traveling Indiana’s rural roads and highways.

Hoosier Ag Today, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Department of Transportation, and the Indiana State Police want to encourage motorists to slow down, be alert, and be patient on roadways this spring.

Toward this end, a special video and radio PSA has been produced by HAT for distribution during planting season.

The video was shot on the farm of Don Lamb, a Boone County farmer, and director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

“Indiana’s corn and soybeans are utilized for a multitude of products that we depend on every day, such as food products like corn chips and sweeteners, livestock feeds so we can enjoy our favorite meats, fuel for our cars, and more,” said Lamb. “It is critical that farmers get their crops planted in a timely manner to ensure a successful crop. If you encounter farm equipment on the roads, be patient and courteous so everyone can make it home safely to their families.”

For the past five years, Hoosier Ag Today has worked with state agencies to promote safe driving during planting and harvest season.

“As the state’s largest agricultural media organization, we feel it is important to promote roadway safety for farm and non-farm motorists,” stated Gary Truitt, Chairman and Founder of Hoosier Ag Today.

“Indiana is the eighth largest farming state in the country and a national leader in the production of traditional row crops like corn and soybeans,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Whether you live in rural, urban, or suburban Indiana, remain alert on the road this spring as you may encounter large farm equipment moving between fields.”

In 2020, three vehicles were involved in crashes with farm equipment in Indiana which resulted in two deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

You can view the video at https://youtu.be/KCIEzLapdwY.

(Hoosier Ag Today is a WRBI news-gathering partner)