Hillrom issuing employee vaccine mandate as part of federal requirement

BATESVILLE, IN — Hillrom is instituting a vaccine mandate for all employees.

In a statement to WRBI, the company says it will comply with the U.S. government’s vaccine requirement covering all federal contractors, which Hillrom happens to be.

A company spokesman said, “The vaccine mandate covers all U.S. employees of Hillrom, and we have processes in place for employees to request religious or medical accommodations. Those employees who elect not to get vaccinated may not continue as employees of Hillrom after December 8.”

The mandate also applies to Hillrom contractors and visitors.

Hillrom was started in 1929 as a sister company of Batesville Casket as part of Hillenbrand Industries. The two companies split in 2008, and Hillrom moved its headquarters to Chicago in 2015. Hillrom still employs as many 1,900 people in Batesville.