Greensburg man arrested for robbery, battery, kidnapping

GREENSBURG, Ind. — A Greensburg man has been arrested on multiple counts of robbery.

According to police, Eric W. Hamilton, 26, was arrested after an investigation that he attacked and kidnapped a man, then took the money he forced the man to withdraw from an ATM.

Police say a man told police at the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office that he had been battered by Hamilton a few days earlier.

The man told police Hamilton had been a guest in his home, but became upset and began assaulting him.

Hamilton also demanded that he be taken to an ATM to withdraw the man’s money.

The man tried to escape by driving away before Hamilton could get into his vehicle, but Hamilton jumped on and hung on damaging the hood.

To prevent from injuring Hamilton, the man stopped and then drove him to an ATM and gave Hamilton $40.

Hamilton was arrested on charges of robbery resulting in bodily injury, kidnapping, battery resulting in bodily injury, and criminal mischief.