DCREMC director censured after repeated violations

Photo from the DCREMC website.

Greensburg, IN — The Decatur County REMC Board of Directors met Thursday and passed by 5-2 vote a Resolution to Censure Director Jeff Lawrence effective immediately.

The Resolution to Censure is the Board’s formal action to disapprove and condemn Director Lawrence’s multiple board policy violations, and his failure to fulfill his fiduciary duty as a Director for Decatur County REMC as mandated by the cooperative’s bylaws.

The resolution is intended to bring an end to Director Lawrence’s repeated policy infractions, which have taken time and attention away from important board proceedings that should be dedicated to member-focused initiatives.

Director Lawrence has received seven official notices of violation since 2018, with the latest notice given earlier this month. Violations include speaking on behalf of the Board to third parties without authorization, disclosing confidential employee information, failing to follow processes for requesting information from DCREMC employees, and interacting with employees in a discourteous and harassing manner.

The resolution is a final warning to Director Lawrence to discontinue actions that do not meet the standards of conduct for Directors, imposes a sanction that he will not receive board compensation for a period of five months, and further states that future violations will result in removal proceedings.

The Board will inform members if there are future actions related to this resolution. District 3, the area Lawrence represents covers portions of Decatur and Franklin Counties.