Cell Phone Scam Alleges Locked Credit Card

Batesville Police are warning residents of a potential scam after receiving multiple complaints Thursday.

The cell phone scam advises Verizon users that their debit card is compromised or locked. An automated message informs the call recipient to press 1 for further information and to unlock their debit card.

If you receive this type of call, police said the best bet is to hang up and not press 1.

A WRBI associate received this type of call Thursday. The automated message informed them, “Your Mastercard debit card has been locked.”

The employee does not possess a Mastercard. It is unknown if the scammer uses other credit card companies as part of the apparent hoax.

A large percentage of reported phone scams usually involve an international phone number. However, this is a domestic call from Nevada, phone number (702) 999-1234.

There is no need to notify local law enforcement unless you have given out your information to these callers. Local bank officials have also been made aware.