Adams Township VFD Gets Green Light to Build Fire Station

(Photo: Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department)

(Adams Township/Decatur County, IN) – The Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department received approval this week from the Decatur County TIF Board for $750,000 to build a new fire station on U.S. 421 near Adams.

Somer Hart is the fire department board secretary and building president.

“I discussed with them what my ideas were, about moving forward with building the fire station,” Hart said. “This has been stagnant for several years and I submitted all of the bids for the building, the septic, the well and all of the different things and graciously the TIF Board approved it.”

The project has been on the drawing board for seven years, but Hart says one of the holdups was the defunding of the department’s fire service contract two years ago by the previous Adams Township Trustee as part of a plan to combine the department with St. Paul and establish a fire protection territory.

Current trustee Rachel Mirick has since restored funding.

“I think we’re actually the last volunteer fire department in Decatur County to have a new fire station, so this is big for us,” Hart said.

She has been working on the fire station project since April.