Two Area Lawmakers Support Deployment

State Rep. Alex Zimmerman (R-North Vernon).

(Statehouse) – Two local lawmakers issued statements over the weekend in response to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s decision to deploy the Indiana National Guard to support the ongoing border security mission in Texas.

 “Every state should be concerned over the massive influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border reaching an all-time high. We need to know who and what is coming into our country, and that’s simply not happening due to failed policy and leadership in Washington, D.C,” said State Rep. Alex Zimmerman (R-North Vernon). “I’m encouraged to see Indiana stand with Texas to help stave off the number of illegal border crossings and drug coming into our country.”

State Rep. Lindsay Patterson. (R-Brookville)

“Inaction from the Biden Administration has amplified the number of illegal border crossings, which bring inherent risks ranging from national security issues to humanitarian concerns. I’m in full support of Gov. Holcomb calling on Indiana National Guard members to join Texas and other states to help lead where the federal government has failed,” said State Rep. Lindsay Patterson (R-Brookville).

Gov. Holcomb announced on Friday he will send 50 Hoosier guardsmen and women to Texas as part of a 10-month deployment, after receiving a direct request from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.