Twisters Fly By Jets

OA pushes their record to 5-0-1 on the season with a convincing win at Hauser.  OA outshot Hauser 34 to 3 on the night.

‘We did a good job of getting the looks and shots but didn’t finish very good.  Give some of the credit to Hauser’s keepers as they came up big time in both games on the night. I thought several times on the night that there is a goal but no  somehow Hauser’s keeper would come up with the ball. Even though we only gave up 3 shots we did give up a goal.  This was only the second goal given up by the Varsity defense on the year which is outstanding. This was a very preventable goal though as we didn’t communicate very good on the weakside of the field and Hauser played a nice ball into the box for a header that found the back of the net.’  Twisters Coach Ken Getz.

Stuart Lamping scored in period 1 at 24:52 assisted by Drew Kersey on a pass out of the 18 and a shot. Lucas McFee scored in period 1 at 15:15 from a shot in the 18.  Lucas McFee scored in period 2 at 37:24 assisted by Ben Kraus on a cross into the 6.  Stuart Lamping scored in period 2 at 24:35 assisted by Garriott Scott on a head shot over the keeper.  Alex Geers scored in period 2 at 22:50 assisted by Lucas McFee and Matthew Hoog from a corner kick and a head to head combination for the goal.

Hauser had 3 shots with 2 on goal, 8 fouls, 2 corners and their keeper had 17 saves.

The Twisters had 34 shots with 22 on goal, 9 fouls, 5 corners, 2 hand balls and Chris Hautman had 1 save.

No off sides calls against Hauser, very well done in the offensive third of the field.

JV got to play a half a game and came away with a 0-0 tie.

It was a very entertaining game for both sides. After the game last night Coach Troy told the boys that they are playing as a team a lot more now. Players are starting to understand where they need to be and where their teammates are at. This is a big step in the process of the development of your game.

Hauser had 2 shots, 5 fouls and 2 corners.  Their keeper had 6 saves.

The Twisters had 8 shots with 6 on goal, 1 off sides, 3 fouls, 1 corner and no saves by either keeper.

Both teams took 1 PK.  Hauser sent theirs over the top of the goal and the OA PK taken by Noah Schmahl was blocked by the Hauser Keeper.  Noah Schmahl started the match in goal and was relieved by Jon Grieshop.

Courtesy of Twisters Coach Ken Getz.