Millions of dollars available to groups providing services to crime victims

Statewide—Through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, more than $60 million is available in federal funds to support public and nonprofit organizations that provide services to Indiana crime victims.

This is part of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) assistance program and funded by the federal Crime Victims Fund, which is financed through the fines and penalties paid by convicted federal offenders. “This program is about providing victims access to the justice, assistance and support they need to rebuild their lives,” said Devon McDonald, ICJI Executive Director. “There are many organizations in Indiana working towards this cause. We hope they will take advantage of this opportunity.”

VOCA grants can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from victim advocacy to therapy to legal support. They can also be used to pay for strategic planning or cover certain administrative costs, such as salaries, benefits and training for staff, to name a few. Priority will be given to projects that support underserved violent crime victims and victims of child abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault.

In order to be eligible, organizations must have a documented history of providing services to crime victims and have at least 25 percent of their funding come from outside sources (other than the Crime Victims Fund).  For all projects, a 20 percent match is required, and services must be provided at no cost to the victim. In addition, volunteers must be utilized as part of the proposal, and victims’ identities must be protected at all times. Click here to apply.