Milan’s Middle School Swim Meet at Greensburg

Here are the results from the boys and girls middle school swim meet at Greensburg last night:


Greensburg                        87

Milan                                     77

Eastern Hancock               47


Milan                                     69

Greensburg                         69

Eastern Hancock               30

Event winners were:

Girls 200 Medley Relay:                 Milan (T Stock, Laws, L Stock, Robinson)

Boys 200 Medley Relay:                 Greensburg (Bennett, Reynolds, YU, Gauck)

Girls 200 Freestyle:                          L Stock (Milan)

Boys 200 Freestyle:                          O’Neil (Milan)

Girls 100 IM:                                      Mains (Greensburg)

Boys 100 IM:                                      YU (Greensburg)

Girls 50 Freestyle:                             O’Sullivan (Greensburg)

Boys 50 Freestyle:                            Lee (Eastern Hancock)

Girls 50 Butterfly:                             Laws (Milan)

Boys 50 Butterfly:                             Lee (Eastern Hancock)

Girls 100 Freestyle:                          Mains (Greensburg)

Boys 100 Freestyle:                          Bennett (Greensburg)

Girls 400 Freestyle:                          T Stock (Milan)

Boys 400 Freestyle:                          Thomas (Milan)

Girls 200 Free Relay:                        Greensburg (Omara, Stewart, Stewart, O’Sullivan)

Boys 200 Free Relay:                       Milan (Hileman, Hicks, O’Neil, Thomas)

Girls 50 Backstroke:                         L Stock (Milan)

Boys 50 Backstroke:                        Bennett (Grensburg)

Girls 50 Breaststroke:                      Gehl (Greensburg)

Boys 50 Breaststroke:                       YU (Greensburg)

Girls 400 Free Relay:                        Milan (Stock, Huebner, Laws, Stock)

Boys 400 Free Relay:                       Greensburg (Reynolds, Gauck, YU, Bennett)

Submitted by the school’s athletic department.