Main Street Brookville Offers Device for Visually Impaired to Experience Eclipse

(Brookville, IN) – Main Street Brookville is preparing for the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 by obtaining two LightSound Solar Eclipse Sonification tools to allow the visually impaired to experience this rare astronomical event.

The LightSound device was designed and developed in 2017 as a tool for the Blind and Low Vision (BLV) community to experience a solar eclipse with sound. The device uses a technique called sonification which is the process of converting data (or light intensity in this case) to sound.

As the Moon eclipses the Sun during a solar eclipse, the sunlight begins to dim and the LightSound device will output a change in musical tone. The device can be attached to headphones or to a speaker to project the sound for a group.

The LightSound Project has a goal of building 750-plus devices to be distributed at no-cost to groups hosting eclipse events. The hope is to provide a tool to aid in the accessibility of eclipse events for the blind and low vision community. The device can also be used as an educational tool prior to events when describing eclipse phenomena

“We’re extremely excited to bring this state-of-the-art eclipse experiencing technology to Main Street Brookville. There were around 900 of these devices distributed and Brookville received two of them,” said Christine Craig, Executive Director of Main Street Brookville. “With the LightSound systems, families and visitors who otherwise would not get to experience this solar eclipse, will get to gather on Main Street and be involved in the total solar eclipse event together as a community.”

The LightSound Project has partnered with ACB Media to host a live webinar stream during the eclipse which they will broadcast. The broadcast will also be picked up or participated in by several radio stations across the USA. They will be connecting with a half a dozen or so cities along the path to participate. Each site will have a designated time where they will stream the LightSound sound local to their site. Main Street Brookville has been asked to be part of this national livestream event.

In addition to the LightSound experiences, Main Street Brookville is hosting the Mooned on Main event that will have Science Learning stations, food trucks, live music, vendors, and the local retailers and restaurants will be offering eclipse-themed specials, events and merchandise on April 8.

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(Main Street Brookville press release)