K9 Hercules Retires from GPD

(Photo: Greensburg Police Department)

(Greensburg, IN) – K9 officer Hercules’ retirement from the Greensburg Police Department took effect on Sunday.

The six-year-old German Shepherd (pictured) was granted medical retirement last month due to hip problems.

A veterinarian determined Hercules has hip dysplasia, which is common for that breed of dog.

Dogs with hip dysplasia commonly show signs of hind limb lameness, pain, and muscle wasting or atrophy.

Owners usually notice their dogs are lame after exercise, run with a “bunny-hopping” gait, are reluctant to jump, or are not as active as other dogs.

Hercules was on the force for five years.

GPD now has one active K9 with Hercules’ retirement.

His handler, Officer Stephen Hershberger, has assumed responsibility for Hercules, who will spend his remaining days with Hershberger and his family.