Honda celebrates 15 years in Greensburg

Honda associates, local government leaders, and other officials gather on the lawn of the Indiana Auto Plant Saturday to recreate the Honda “H” in celebration of 15 years of manufacturing in Greensburg. (WRBI Photo)

(Greensburg, IN) – Fifteen years of production at Honda’s Indiana Auto Plant in Greensburg was celebrated on Saturday.

Plant Co-Lead and Decatur County native Roxanna Metz is one of a handful of associates who have worked at the facility since Day One.

“I can remember that day so vividly and walking into the manufacturing operation and just seeing how large it is, and then being in awe of how it all comes together,” Metz said.

Another original associate is Angela Douglas, who says when she started at the plant they weren’t even manufacturing cars yet.

Community members took tours of Honda’s Indiana Auto Plant in Greensburg on Saturday. (WRBI Photo)

“To see it go from an empty assembly line to filling up to building a thousand cars a day, that’s something huge,” Douglas said. “Also, just seeing the community grow, from a lot of the local stores and things that I’ve seen populate. I commute from Indianapolis so I get to see a lot back and forth through my journey.”

Saturday’s festivities included an open house, tours of the facility, and a recreation of the Honda “H” photo that was taken on the Decatur County Courthouse lawn when the community was lobbying the automaker to choose Greensburg as the location for the new plant.