Herbert Brothers Get Batesville Some TV Time

Local resident Dave Herbert filmed in downtown Batesville on Thursday afternoon.
Local resident Dave Herbert filmed in downtown Batesville on Thursday afternoon.

Joe Herbert, 38, Batesville, and Dave Herbert, 35, Morris, made advertising history when they produced a commercial for a Doritos contest that resulted in being ranked the best Super Bowl Commercial in 2009- and their success has continued in recent years.

Herbert Brothers Entertainment has since produced commercials for major corporations including Pepsi, Franks RedHot, and GoDaddy.com.

Watch the Herbert Brothers Doritos Super Bowl Commercial here:

They are back at it again this week, this time filming for Alaska-based VitalChoice.com, an online company that specializes in home delivery seafood.

The commercial production has brought an interesting guest to the area. “We hired a company that has trained bears that can be in the commercial,” Dave Herbert said.

The filming was done at a residence on Morris Road between Batesville and St. Mary’s in Franklin County.

The company that handles the bear is operated by Ruth LeBarge, Alberta, Canada. She has been a Hollywood animal trainer for TV commercials and movies for over 40 years.

The bear featured in the Herbert Brothers commercial is no stranger to the camera.

LeBarge told WRBI, “[The bear] has been in Anchorman, Grizzly Falls, she has been in two Super Bowl commercials with Pepsi and Bud Light, also Nature Valley, just a ton of commercials.”

According to LeBarge, filming for Vintage Choice wrapped up on Wednesday.

Is a reality show about the Herbert Brothers and Batesville in the works?

Film crews have been around town this week for a pilot episode for a reality show about the Herbert Brothers.

“Because we do what we do here in small town Indiana as opposed to Hollywood or Madison Avenue has some interest [in a possible reality show],” Dave Herbert said.

Sources say the show is for the A&E network.

Herbert and the film crew did not disclose specific details about the show.