Greensburg Meth Investigation Leads To Another Arrest

Image: Decatur County Sheriff's Department
Image: Decatur County Sheriff’s Department

A multi-month drug investigation that led to charges against nine people in May has put another Decatur County man behind bars.

42-year-old Jason Barnard was arrested Friday and is facing felony charges for dealing in Methamphetamines.

Detectives say they conducted a drug deal where he sold approximately 40 dosage units of crystal methamphetamine.

“Barnard sold the crystal methamphetamines so that this could be distributed at street level in Greensburg, Decatur County,” stated Greensburg Police Chief Stacey Chasteen.

During the drug deal Barnard claimed he had enough meth to supply 896 dosage units, Chasteen added. The street value for that amount is near $27,000.

Last Friday afternoon, another drug deal was allegedly set up by Barnard. Undercover officers agreed to meet with him in Shelbyville. Detectives were warned that Barnard, who is a convicted felon, may have a gun during the transaction.

The Shelbyville Swat team was called in for assistance, in the case that a drug transaction would be made.

Barnard allegedly sold approximately half an ounce of crystal meth during the drug deal, totaling a street value of $1,640.

He was apprehended and a 9mm handgun and additional methamphetamine was later found, Chasteen said.

The arrest of Barnard marks the tenth person to face charges during the drug investigation. Eight people were also arrested on May 28 and an additional suspect was picked up by police on May 30.

“All where working together as a criminal organization in the distribution of crystal methamphetamines in Greensburg,” Chasteen said. “The crystal methamphetamine was allegedly obtained from the Mexican cartel prior to being imported into our county”

She says the investigation began after one tip. Greensburg Police want to continue encouraging community members to phone in any information and tips to (812) 66Crime.