Greensburg man arrested after leaving the scene of an accident

GREENSBURG, Ind. — A Greensburg man was arrested for Driving under the Influence and leaving the scene of an accident according to police.

Police say a witness reported seeing a minivan hit a parked pickup truck and gave police the license plate number. Police ran the plate through the BMV and determined that the van belonged to James King, 33, of Greensburg.

When officers arrived at King’s apartment, they found the van with some damage. Officers observed muddy ruts near where the van was parked and mud on the side of the van.

When police questioned King, they determined that King didn’t remember hitting the truck, and found out that he had dropped someone off two blocks from the scene of the accident. Officers also noticed empty liquor bottles and smelled alcohol on him.

According to police, officers asked for King’s insurance information, and as they were leaving the apartment to go to the van, they observed King stumbling through the hallway. A breath test was administered on the scene, and police say King tested positive with a .316. He was transported to the Decatur County Jail and given another breath test, which tested positive with a .239.

King was arrested on charges of Operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to stop after an accident.