Genesis: Pathways to Success holds Kids Building Bikes Camp in Osgood

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(Osgood, IN) – Genesis: Pathways to Success enjoyed its second strong week of A Summer of STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) programming as they welcomed Nine13sports and their Mobile Bike Lab to the Osgood Trails for the June session of Kids Building Bikes Camp.

Six campers from across Southeastern Indiana spent four days (June 5-8) learning about the history, safety, mechanics, and techniques of bicycles and subsequently applied their acquired knowledge by assembling and riding their own bikes.

Attendees were given the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside, the staff of Nine13sports to construct their own bicycles from custom kits.

From learning about the invention of the bicycle to changing tires and installing parts, campers received comprehensive hands-on instruction regarding the safe operation and proper maintenance of a bicycle.

This holistic approach emphasized the importance of understanding the creation of a product from start to finish, demonstrating that a complete knowledge of the history and mechanics involved in a project is essential to building a diverse skill set.

Campers learned essential skills in tool safety, bicycle repair and part installation, proper tool and equipment use, and the importance of the bike in influencing the history of transportation.

On top of this, campers were able to ride their bikes after assembly on the last day of camp.

When asked about his favorite part of the camp, Max Morack, an incoming 8th-grade student at South Ripley Junior High School, said, “Putting together the bike! By putting together your own bike, you can learn problem-solving skills and how to take care of something that belongs to you. Being able to fix your own bike lets you save money and time on repairs.”

After building and riding their bikes, students were able to keep them, as rewards and fulfilling reminders of the hard work they accomplished and valuable life-skills they cultivated.

In addition to the technical STREAM concepts involved, campers developed many soft skills as well, including, the ability to diagnose and solve problems, the ability to apply instruction to practical situations, time management, adaptability, self-confidence, and independence.

These skills reach far beyond maintaining their bicycles, as they are each important for success in their future careers and personal endeavors.

Matty Bennett, the Director of Kids Building Bikes, emphasized the value of skills acquired through the program, noting, “Learning to appreciate working with your hands, and how gratifying it can be to produce and maintain something that you personally built, builds confidence and gives you skills you can use in the real world. Working with your hands teaches independence, self-confidence, and dexterity, which are tools that can get you through your life and take you further in your art or career. It’s about more than bikes, building friendships, relationships, problem-solving…those are all employability skills.”

Genesis: Pathways to Success would like to thank Nine13sports for being an outstanding partner, hosting Kids Building Bikes Camp, and encouraging attendees to let their creative minds flourish and technical skills shine.

We would also like to thank the Town of Osgood for allowing us to host camp at the Osgood Trails.

Genesis looks forward to partnering with both entities again in the near future.

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If you have questions regarding A Summer of STREAM, please contact the Director of Genesis: Pathways to Success, Clarice Patterson, by emailing [email protected], calling (812) 933-1098, or visiting 13 E. George Street, Suite B, in Batesville.

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