ECHS Natatorium receives national outstanding project award

(Provided Photo)

(St. Leon, IN) – The East Central High School Natatorium won the 2023 Outstanding Project Award in the American and University Magazine Educational Interiors Showcase.

In collaboration with Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools, the Natatorium, designed by RATIO Architects of Indianapolis, features a unique “tech wave” form within the plan layout as well as on the exterior roof form and entry canopies.

(Provided Photo)

In addition, references to “wave frequency” appear through the exterior and interior design in the layering and patterning of materials and finishes. The primary entrance to the Natatorium is positioned as the primary campus gateway, with access to the high school and all exterior athletics leading from this central beacon.

The new pool features an eight-lane “stretch 25” IHSAA competition-compliant pool with diving, an oversized floating bulkhead with starting blocks, and separate warm-up/cool-down lanes.

The seating for 500 spectators is accommodated on a mezzanine-level area with retractable bleachers and glass panel handrails for additional spectator viewing.

The Natatorium also features state-of-the-art facilities, including locker rooms for physical education, spaces for JV and varsity athletes, support spaces, and a lobby comprised of wood, tile, and vibrant color accents.

Visual transparency was prioritized in the design, utilizing clear glass throughout the facility. RATIO  says the roof, made of a tongue-and-groove laminated wood deck, not only eliminates condensation but also adds warmth to the space.

The Natatorium also serves as a versatile space for students and the community, hosting swim lessons, competitions, and school physical education activities.

The facility opened its doors last September before successfully hosting a boys’ high school swimming sectional.

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