DCREMC and SEI Team Up to Bridge Broadband Gap

Tony Clark, SEI Communications CEO (left), and Brett Abplanalp, Decatur County REMC CEO. (Provided Photo)

(Greensburg, IN) – Decatur County REMC (DCREMC) is announcing progress in its attempt to bring high-speed internet access to underserved areas.

While initial findings were promising from a feasibility study, the electric cooperative found it’s evident that additional resources are essential to realize this initiative without imposing financial burdens on members.

Toward that end, Decatur County REMC has entered a strategic partnership with SEI Communications, a fellow member-owned cooperative with a shared dedication to providing affordable, high-quality services to members.

“We are excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead. Leveraging SEI Communications’ expertise in telecommunications in tandem with Decatur County REMC’s commitment to enhancing connectivity in our rural areas is a significant achievement,” said Brett Abplanalp, Decatur County REMC CEO.

“Through this partnership, we are empowering the community to thrive in the digital age and driving economic development forward,” added Tony Clark, SEI Communications CEO.

With the completion of this significant milestone, DCREMC is proactively seeking different funding options to push this into the next phase.

The electric co-op has already secured $500,000 in Decatur County ARPA Funds, pending approval for the fiber project.

It also submitted an application for the State of Indiana’s Next Level Connect Grant on February 9. This grant is slated to be awarded in early June.

DCREMC says it’s important to emphasize that while significant progress has been made, the fiber project is not yet finalized.

Co-op officials say they remain committed to ensuring that sufficient grant funding is secured to meet the feasibility threshold before moving ahead. Only at that point will the Fiber to the Home project officially commence.

“With Decatur County ranking among the top ten most underserved addresses in the state, our dedication to bridging the broadband gap remains solid,” Abplanalp added.

To learn more about this broadband initiative, please contact Decatur County REMC at (812) 663-3391 or [email protected].