Carson Michael Hughes, age 18 Osgood

A famous photographer once said, “Taking pictures is savoring life intensely every hundredth of a second.” Carson Hughes’s ability to capture his love of life through his actions and artwork was visible every second of his short, but amazingly inspirational life.

Carson Michael Hughes, age 18, of Osgood, began making this world a brighter place on February 2, 2006. He was born in Batesville, Indiana to Jason and Mandy (Hoffman) Hughes. 

From the start, he was simply a joy.  He had an infectious smile that would light up a room.  He was sweet, kind and considerate. He loved his family, friends and God. As his high school principal stated, “Carson was a kid that everyone loved and simply enjoyed being around.” His sentiments were felt by everyone within the community, as Carson truly was a person that exemplified love and character.

In school, Carson took advantage of many opportunities and, not surprisingly, excelled given his attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile.  He was a Jac-Cen-Del Varsity Eagle in soccer, baseball, and basketball.  He was a player that coaches desired on their team, as he led by example and dedication.

In addition, he was an honor roll student and member of the National Honor Society. Just recently he was named Academic All State Honorable Mention for basketball. He planned to attend Purdue University and study Industrial Design.  His teachers confidently knew he would achieve his goal because he was smart and extremely driven.

He also had a strong faith in God and attended the One Purpose Church in Batesville, where he was in charge of the audio / visual technology team.

Regardless of his amazing character and various athletic and academic achievements, Carson’s real mark on the world was through his photography.

From an early age, Carson paid close attention to detail. He could find beauty in anything.  However, he was most fascinated by the great outdoors and all of God’s living creatures.  He could not wait to rise before the sun and travel to his second home, the Versailles State Park, to catch a glimpse of an otter grappling a small fish for breakfast. 

Over fall break, he and his dad traveled to Cataloochee Valley in North Carolina where they slept in the back of a truck for four days just so he could be there to witness and capture every motion the elk made within the open field.

Last year, he and his parents hiked the steep, narrow trail of Mount Storm King, located within Olympic National Park in Washington state, to get the “perfect” shot of the sun glimmering on Crescent Lake.

To say the least, Carson’s passion for nature and photography was immeasurable; so much so, that professionals in the field took notice and encouraged him to go semi-professional.  With that, he began Carson Hughes Photography in 2023.

Through his photography business, he was able to travel and take all kinds of amazing photos thanks to sponsorships from national companies. His pictures were highlighted in various trade magazines such as the debut release of 812 The Magazine of Southern Indiana.  He also won awards for his work, such as being selected as the 2023 Indiana State Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Category winner for his photo, “Wild Connections”, which is currently on display in the Lt. Governor’s business offices.  He additionally received the 2023 Oak Heritage Conservancy award for one his photos. Locally, he won several awards through 4-H and received the “Best in Show” youth division at the 2023 Pumpkin Show.  One professional photographer stated, “His skill and composition far surpassed his age and training, he simply was a gifted artist.” Yet despite the accolades, he was never one to boast. He just wanted everyone to enjoy his photos and appreciate nature as much as he did.

As he posted, one month ago, “A leucistic bald eagle!! I will never get over this encounter I was blessed to have! This is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen not only for its rarity but just the majestic feel this bird brings that no other bird can.  I hope you guys like the photo I got of this magical encounter.”  

Carson’s life was cut way too short, but his time on earth was most impactful.  He made each and every second count, no matter what he was doing.  And, he took something he loved and shared it with all of us; whereas for a moment, while gazing at the wonderment of his photos, we got to experience just how breathtakingly beautiful the world can be. Unfortunately, this is something that many of us lose perspective of as we age.

Although this has been such a tragic loss for his family, friends and community at large, perhaps it is God’s way of telling us to live a more purposeful life, just as Carson did. Find your passion, pay attention to the small details, try to find the beauty in everyone and everything you encounter and share your enlightenment with others.  Let Carson’s life and the magnificent works of art he left behind, be your inspiration.

Carson is survived by his parents Jason and Mandy Hughes, brother Corey, girlfriend Kelsey Borgman (daughter of Josh and Renee Borgman), grandparents Ted and Marlene Hughes and Kim Hoffman, uncles; Greg Wilhoit, Rick Wilhoit, Steve (Tammy) Wilhoit, and Kevin Hoffman, aunt Julie  Wilhoit (Jen Mayer), and numerous cousins. He was preceded in death by his grandma Kim Hoffman and uncle Michael Wilhoit.

Visitation will be held on Monday March 25, 2024 from 12 pm.-5 pm. at the Jac-Cen-Del High School Gym.  Funeral services will be held at 5 pm. also in the gymnasium.  A memorial fund is being established in memory of Carson Hughes.  His artwork will be available for purchase throughout the visitation with all profits going to the fund. (details will be provided) Online condolences may be placed at