Candidates registered for Primary election in Franklin County

Brookville, IN– The following is a list provided by the Franklin County clerks office of all candidates registered for the 2020 Primary Election Candidates for Franklin County offices as of January 31. 
Judge of the Circuit Court Div 2
Kellerman, Clay M (R)
Maxie, Hollie R (R)
Murray, Stephanie (R)
Beneker, Jolene M (R)
Seig, Robert G (R)
Bailey, Glenn (D)
County Commissioner Dist. 3 
(Districts includes Blooming Grove, Laurel, Posey, Salt Creek 1 & 2, Ray 1 & 2, Oldenburg and Batesville)
Wilson, Thomas E (R)
County Council At Large (3 members)
Bischoff, Glen R (R)
Lanning, Carroll (R)
McQueen, Dean (R)
Oglesby, Rebecca (R)
Shorter, Kirk P (R)
Precinct Committeemen 
(Republican Party – elected at Primary)
Baxter, Brian                         Brookville 5
Beneker, Jolene M               Brookville 3
Campbell, Brian G               Brookville 4
Combs, Patricia R.               Laurel
Fritz, Dennis                         Highland 1
Hall, Cindy K                        Brookville 1
Koch, Joann                          Brookville 2
Kohlsdorf, Michael E.         Highland 2
Linkel, Jake                           Butler
Roberts, Ervin                      Springfield
Sizemore, Joseph M           Metamora
Stokes, Gary M                    Whitewater 2
Tekulve, Todd J                   Ray 1
State Convention Delegate
Bailey, LaVeda
Beckman, Kimberly T
Hale, William P
Johnson, David R
Loos-Johnson, Stacey L
Persson, Christina A
Stuart-Hale, Gretchen B
Vohland, Thomas W
Kolb, Derrike (R)
Gillman, Gina (D)
Ward 1
Leffingwell, Brooke (R)
Marmouze, Gary “Gig” (D)
Ward 3
Campbell, Chuck (R)
Flaspohler, Darrel (D)
Ward 5
Ward, Curtis (R)