Amber Alert brothers found safe

rade-amber-alertPRINCE’S LAKES, Ind. –The two brothers who were the subject of Monday night’s Amber Alert have been found safe.

Avery and Zeke Rader, from Johnson County, were found in Brown County around 9:00 PM, around four hours after police say they were taken by their non-custodial father, John Rader from Prince’s Lakes.

Police say Rader new police were chasing him, so he dropped the kids off at a friends house in Brown County.

Two women at the home returned the children to police.

Police later searched the home and found the boys’ mother, Christina WIlliams, hiding in the home where the children were found.

Police say she was arrested on unrelated charges, and was not involved in the abduction.

According to police, Rader and Williams have a history of drug problems, including heroin and methamphetamine use, which is why neither parent had custody of the children.

State police issued an Amber Alert, believing the children were in “extreme danger.”

Police say John Rader took the boys and stole a vehicle from his brother’s girlfriend around 4:40 p.m. Monday.