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Buy – Sell – Trade
Weekday Mornings 9:00-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:00-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 852-8000
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

NEW! All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondaySummit Viper Tree Stand-4S212-7979
MondayMusic CD's, WWE Wrestlemania DVS's & Book 1-28, and KISS Books & Music Sets-4S689-0628
Monday'92 Chevy Truck and Bush Hog-4S623-3564
MondayLesco Moower-4S212-1796
MondayCoffee & End Tables-4S623-2447
MondayBriar Horses-4S852-4574
MondayFemale Kitten-Free To Good Home934-2160
MondayDrum Set and Coors Light Mirror654-3010
MondayNeed Kids ATV/Dirt Bike317-370-9805
Monday'91 Winnebego-4S623-2779
MondayJohn Deere Mowers-4S363-3723
MondayCouch, Chair, & Ottoman, and Table & Chairs-4S212-4408
Batesville Liberty Park
MondayMirror, 6 Drawer Dresser, and Aquarium Tanks-4S209-9903
MondayHigh Chair and '01 Isuzu Box Truck-4S934-2166
MondayJohn Deere Tractor Mower Parts-L4852-4807
MondayOak Table & Chairs-4S432-5773
MondayNeed House To Rent-Near Connersville765-825-8385
MondayKittens-Free To Good Home663-4591
Monday30 Gallon Fish Tank with Stand & Accessories, Weedeaters, and '95 Jimmy-4S663-5620
MondayBushhog, Flat Bed Trailer, and Tractors-4S786-6426
MondayOak Table & Chairs and Frames-L4363-3524
MondayRound Hay Bales-4S614-1224
MondayHouse-4R - Batesville Schools/Peppertown Area with Detached Garage & Large Back Yard212-2625
MondayTony Little Gazelle Exerciser-4S756-2362
MondayGirls 20 " Bicycle-4S623-3266
Monday50 Gallon Hot Water Heater-4S
Monday'10 Transit Connect Mobility Vehicle-4S654-2465
MondayQuarts Bread Butter Pickles and Male Chihuahua-4S 654-2598
Monday'89 Suzuki Katana for Parts-4S765-265-7811
TuesdayPedestal Sink and Shower Valve-4S765-647-3963
Tuesday2 Axle Trailer with Deck-4S212-4965
TuesdayTreadmill with Wheels-Free212-8074
TuesdayBath Tub-4S212-0121
TuesdayGooseneck Trailer-4S654-3135
Tuesday'01 Focus-4S932-2393
TuesdayLesco Mower-4S212-1796
TuesdayMusic CD's, WWE Wrestlemania DVS's & Book 1-28, and KISS Books & Music Sets-4S689-0628
Tuesday'95 Bronco-4S363-3795
TuesdayOak Table with Hi Vac Chairs-4S432-5773
TuesdaySolid Oak End & Coffee Tables-4S623-2447
TuesdayCast Iron Bath Tub and V-Bottom Bass Boat-4S209-9239
TuesdayFlat Bed Trailer, Lumber, and Bicylces-4S786-6426
TuesdayMongoose & Seastar Bicycles-4S933-0922
TuesdayElliptical Exercise Machine and Boat, Trailer & Motor-4S593-9968
TuesdayJohn Deere Mowers-4S363-3723
TuesdayFemale German Bred Puppy-Free To Good Home689-5905
TuesdaySeasoned Firewood-4S765-265-2645
TuesdayF-150 Super Crew and Griswold & Wagner Skillets-4S 593-8221
TuesdayChar Broil Grills and Picnic Table-4S Dinner Bell Hanger-L4654-2923
TuesdayFemale Toy Australian Shepherd-4S593-6269
TuesdayCraftsman Gas Powered Chainsaw-4S 317-666-1638
TuesdayNeed-House 4R Greensburg Area
No More Than $550- Month. 3 BR & Pet Friendly.
Tuesday4 ' Fluorescent Light Fixture, 6 ' Grader Blade, and 15 & 16 " Tires-4S

WednesdayHorse Trailer and John Deere Garden Tractor with Snow Plow-4S765-698-0420
WednesdayParakeets with Cages and I-Home Phone/Doc-4S717-1020
WednesdayChildrens Books & Toys, 18 Karat Tiffany's Bracelet, and KISS Books & Music Sets-4S689-0628
Wednesday'91 Winnebego-4S577-4003
Wednesday'99 Ram-4S212-2884
Wednesday'95 Jimmy, Fish Aquarium, and Bed Frame-4S663-5620
WednesdayBeanie Babies-4S701-2683
WednesdayTaxidermy Animals, Roosters & Ducks, and Trailer-4S765-698-3841
Wednesday'97 Kawasaki Falcon-4S765-541-3700
WednesdayAluminum Truck Tool Box-4S765-580-2067
WednesdayKenmore Freezer/ Refrigerator and AC with Wheels-4S621-0207
WednesdayTruck Camper Shell-4S212-1147
Wednesday55 Gallon Whiskey Barrels-4S209-9239
WednesdaySquare & Round Hay Bales and Peg Boards-4S 525-0676
Wednesday'01 Grand Cherokee Laredo, Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor, and Ripco Fishing Poles-4S530-1177
WednesdayV-Farmall Tractor-4S Upright Freezer-L4654-1472
Wednesday'96 Z-28 Camaro-4S
Baby Walker-L4
WednesdayWeber Gas Grill-4S498-1431
Wednesday16 " Chainsaw-4S317-666-1638
WednesdayQuart/Pint Canning Jars-4S212-1604
Wednesday'00 Lincoln Continental-4S525-5698
Wednesday'98 Starcraft Pop-Up Camper with Side Slide-Out-4S934-4424
WednesdayMat Boards with Board Rack-4S498-9704

WednesdayJack Russell Terrier Puppy-L4689-4357
WednesdayPatio or Sidewalk Blocks-4S209-9580
Thursday70's & 80's CD Music Collection, WWE Wrestlemania DVD Collection & Book, and KISS Hard Cover Book-4S689-0628
Thursday'99 Ram-4S212-2884
ThursdayAlfalfa Hay Bales-4S934-2779
ThursdayBarber Chair, Antique Permanent Wave Machine, and Weight machine-4S689-6856
ThursdayTomatoes and Exercise Equipment-4S513-623-6229
ThursdayBriggs & Stratton Motor and Kitchen Cabinets-4S765-698-0420
ThursdayCollie Puppies-4S
Upright Freezer-L4
ThursdayAladdin Thermos Jugs and '78 Sears Bicycle-4S765-698-3841
ThursdayPolaris Trailblazer-4S363-3058
Thursday'91 Winnebego Mini-Home-4S623-2779
Thursday'89 Chevy Truck and '98 Dodge Truck-4S593-0399
Thursday'92 Chevy Truck and Harley Bush Hog-4S623-3564
ThursdayFirewood-4S Will Do Tree Trimming & Removal216-6751
ThursdayLesco Mower-4S212-1796
ThursdaySolid Oak End & Coffee Tables-4S623-2447
ThursdayGas Range and Counter Tops-4S623-3542
ThursdayJohn Deere/Allis Chalmers Tractor-4S689-4458
Thursday'98 Starcraft Pop-Up Camper with Side Slide-Out-4S934-4424
Thursday'83 CJ-7 Jeep-4S212-6712
ThursdayPicnic Table and Char Broil Grills-4S654-2923
ThursdayPro Series 5th Wheel Hitch with Brackets & Mounting Hardware and Hayward In-Ground Sand Filter & Pump-4S934-4442
ThursdaySeasoned Firewood-4S765-265-2645
ThursdayHay Wagon & Elevator-4S744-5811

FridayPower Chair and Wicker Dresser-4S717-0495
FridayJohn Deere Mowers-4S363-3723
Friday55 Gallon Fish Tank-4S756-2831
FridaySliding Patio Doors-Free654-3713
FridayFirewood-4S Will Do Tree Removal216-6751
Friday'06 Silverado and Desk-4S
Bucket Seats and Console for '98 GMC Truck-L4
FridayOverhead Garage Door-L4852-4860
Friday'91 Winnebego Motor Home-4S623-2779
FridayWhite Pine Trees-L4513-404-6207
Friday2 Axle Trailer-4S212-4965
Friday'92 Chevy Truck, Harley Bushhiog, and Budget Chain Hoist-4S623-3564
FridayWestern Saddles, Tack, and Cultivator-4S765-561-7945
FridayDog House-L4363-3670
FridayHusqvarna Chainsaw-4S269-9239
FridayCompound Bow-4S212-7979
FridayStand Up Cooler with Shelves-4S716-0834
FridayConcord Grapes-4S852-4802
FridaySolid Oak End & Coffee Tables-4S623-2447
Friday'01 Focus-4S932-2393
FridayPontoon Boat-4S
Upright Freezer-L4
FridayWildlife Tracking System and Ingersoll Ram Air Compressor-4S623-3811
FridaySquare 7 Round Hay Bales-4S525-0676
Friday'00 Ford Rear Tractor Tire-L4765-698-1479
FridayRod & Reels, 2 Cycle Concrete Chop Saw, and '95 5th Wheel Camper-4S530-1177
FridayPro Sun Tanning Bed and L-Shaped Wooden Desk-4S717-0877
FridayPolaris Trailblazer 250 CC Quad-4S363-3058
FridayWill Clean Out & Haul Away Unwanted Scrap Items(765) 698-4996
FridayBeagle Pups-4S692-9809
FridayLab Mix Puppies-Free To Good Home689-1112
FridaySolar Cover and 6 ' Diving Board & Cover-4S934-4442
FridayCabinets & Drawers-L4212-5400
FridayFemale Great Pyrenees and Female Mountain Kerr-4S 212-7202
Friday'01 Corolla Sedan-4S933-0167
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