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Weekday Mornings 9:00-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:00-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 852-8000
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

NEW! All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondayWill Collect Scrap621-1527
MondayWood Chipper, John Deere Mowers, and 50 CC Honda Scooter-4S363-3723
MondayJohn Boat with Trailer & Motors-4S or 4T-Lawn Tractor621-0353
MondayFender Guitar with Case, lawn Boy Mower, and Mower-4S371-8132
MondayLadder Racks, Air Roof Nail Gun-4S623-4199
MondaySmall Fishing Boat-4S
MondayEvanrude Boat Motor and '01 Mustang GT-4S623-4481
Monday6-Lug Truck Rims, Fiberglass Camper Top, and Gas Air Catfish Poles-4S577-6221
Monday50 CC Scooter and 3 Point Hitch-4S621-2762
MondayRoadmaster Men's 10-Speed Bicycle and DVD Movies-4S756-0394
MondayRabbits, Beagle, and English Hound-4S689-5905
Monday90 # Propane Tanks, 16 " Truck Tires, and Electric Log Splitter-4S621-8782
MondayLarge 2 BR Apatrment-4R
Penntown Area
MondayRoosters-Free To Good Home614-9609
MondayLambs and Guineas-L4765-698-7846
MondayWheelhorse Tractor with Accessories-4S623-2693
MondayCub Cadet Mower & Cart, Garage Door, and Kids basketball Goal-4S934-3371
MondayWhirlpool Electric Range-4S Space Save GE Microwave -Free623-2447
MondayAntique Pottery and Home Sewing Machines, '26 St. Louis Star Newspapers-4S212-2323
MondayJohn Deere Mower-4S290-6770
MondaySuzuki 4-Wheelers and '79 C-60 Dump Truck-4S654-3135
MondayProm Dresses-4S
Chickens and Ducks-L4
MondayBass Guitar Amplifier-4S212-2231
MondayKenmore Dryer-4S623-5213
MondayCamping Items-4S623-2068
MondayHorse Saddle & Tack Items-4S934-3218
MondayCard Stamping Supplies-L4765-580-2337
MondayWindows with Large Picture Windows-4S498-8850
MondayHay and Ford Flail Mower-4S212-2112
Monday'05 Sportsman 700 with Front Mount Blade & Winch Lift-4S525-1004
MondayMasonry Mixer and Coronado Stone-4S623-3358
TuesdayFarm Trailer-4S765-698-1479
TuesdayJohn Boat with Trailer & Motors-4S621-0353
TuesdayHonda Mower and 18 Lug 16 " Truck Wheels-4S212-1315
TuesdaySilverado Tires-4S689-1209
TuesdaySaddleman Bag and '07 Soft Tail Equipment-4S623-4481
TuesdayLadder Racks and Roofing Nail Gun-4S623-4199
TuesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal621-1527
TuesdayLarge 2 BR Apatrment-4R
Penntown Area
TuesdayFiberglass Camper Top, '97 F-150, and Truck Tires-4S577-6221
TuesdayWhirlpool Electric Range and GE Spacesaver Microwave-4S623-2447
TuesdayOlder Sewing Machines and Antique Pottery-4S212-2323
TuesdayTrailer Ramps-L4
Ned Boat Motor Running and Will Mow Lawns In Osgood Area
TuesdayThomas The Train Train Table-4S654-3729
TuesdayPack & Play and Gymnastic Clothes-L4621-2286
TuesdayLazy Boy Oversized Recliner, Portable Dishwasher, and Dresser-4S209-9978
TuesdayLumber and Horse Feeders-4S765-716-0624
TuesdayCouch and '00 Passat Scrap-4S528-6836
TuesdayPush Mower-4S621-0353
TuesdayFarm Lite Hay Wagon, Lawn Tractor, and Stove-4S786-6426
TuesdayGE Range-4S932-0005
TuesdayGas Generac Generator, '79 C Dump Truck, and Electric Range-4S654-3135
TuesdayNeed Stump Removed934-5763
TuesdayFemale Lab Mixed Dogs-Free To Good Home212-2534
TuesdayWindows Including Large Picture Window-4S498-8580
TuesdayMixed Hay and 6 ' Ford Flail Mower-4S212-2112
Tuesday'05 Sportsman 700 with Front Mount Blade & Winch Lift-4S667-2155
WednesdaySingle Axle Trailer-4S528-2372
WednesdayWhirlpool Electric Range and Oven-4S623-2447
WednesdayWood Chippers, John Deere Mowers and 50 CC Honda Scooter-4S363-3723
WednesdayWill Collect Scrap Metal621-1527
WednesdayBarn Lumber, Posts, and Boards-4S765-716-0624
WednesdayLarge 2 BR Apartment-4R
Penntown Area
WednesdayIndustrial Grade Mower-4S
WednesdayTruck Ladder Racks, Filing Cabinet, and Kitchen Table-4S623-4199
WednesdayEvanrude Boat Motor-4S623-4481
WednesdayFiberglass Truck Camper Shell and 50 CC Scooter-4S577-6114
WednesdayWinco Generator, Snapper Rear Tine Tiller, and Yard Machine-4S371-8132
WednesdayRooster and Geldings-4S852-4574
Wednesday'97 F-150, Fiberglass Truck Cap, and Air Compressor-4S577-6221
WednesdayDVD Movies-4S756-0394
WednesdayBeagles and '02 Cadillac-4S513-258-5813
Wednesday'98 Jeep Wrangler-4S528-2372
Wednesday10 Speed Bicycles, Computers, and Trumpet-4S212-1504
WednesdaySuper mario Games and Hospital Table-L4932-5170
WednesdayOverhead Garage Door and Storm Door-4S212-2002
WednesdayGas Generac Generator, '79 C Dump Truck, and Electric Range-4S654-3135
WednesdayGas Grill-45212-8534
WednesdayNeed Puppy Sitter934-3302
Wednesday'13 Craftsroad Crusier 5th Wheel Camper-4S667-2155
WednesdayPorch Rockers-4S934-4587
Wednesday'70 Airstream RV Trailer-4S525-6100
WednesdayRabbits and Beagles-4S689-5905
WednesdayCub Cadet Push Mower, Clothes, and Barstools-4S663-5620
WednesdayLooking For 3 BR House To Rent- Greensburg Area209-9959
WednesdayAmana Dryer and Frigidaire Electric Stove, and Dirt Bikes-4S765-561-9299
Wednesday'04 Impalla 16 " Rim with Hub Cat-L4765-309-8485
Wednesday'05 Polaris Sportsman with Front Mount Blade & Winch Lift-4S525-1004
Thursday'01 GT Mustang-4S or 4T-Tractor623-4481
ThursdayWill Collect Scrap Items621-1527
ThursdaySnapper Rear Tine Tiller, Roper Range, and Dakota Camper Shell-4S371-8132
ThursdayDVD Movies-4S756-0394
ThursdayCamera Tripod, Heated Chair Messager, and Cardio Glide & Exercise Machine-4S689-5563
ThursdayWhirlpool Electric Range-4S 623-2447
ThursdayHorse Trailer, Exercise Equipment, and Lawn Tractors-4S786-6426
ThursdayFarm Craft Horse Feeders, Sliding Barn Door with Accessories, and Lumber-4S765-716-0624
Thursday'05 Grand Am, TV Tower, and Hay Grain Feeder-4S525-6100
ThursdayFiberglass Truck Cap, Aluminum Wheels with Rims, and Ford Trucks-4S577-6221
ThursdayWoods Finish Mower and Swisher Mower-4S667-2468
Thursday2 BR Apartment-4R
Penntown Area
ThursdayJon Boat with Trailer & Motors-4S 621-0353
Thursday5 x 8 Trailer-4S569-5703
Thursday'60 Ford Tractor and '50 Farmall Tractor-4S438-2838
ThursdayKitchen Table & Chairs-4S Tires-L4592-9511
ThursdayGoat Boer Buck ($375 or best offer)-4S765-647-5250
ThursdayElectric Furnace and Antique Wild lays-4S765-238-0113
ThursdayJohn Deere Mowers-4S363-3723
ThursdayLadder Racks-4S623-4199
Thursday1 Row Cultivator, Range Hood, and Dresser Nirrors-4S934-3982
ThursdayRabbits and Beagle-4S689-5905
ThursdayLawn Boy Mower, Craftsman Front Tine Tiller, and Yard Machine Mower-4S371-8132
ThursdayPontoon Boat and Collies-4S765-265-0506
ThursdayCanvas Camping Tents, Horse Tacks, and 50 Gallon Water Trough-4S623-2068
ThursdayV-Bottom Boat Trailer-L4212-6865
Thursday'94 Corolla-4S716-0951
ThursdayLarge Box Wood Stove-4S 765-623-8593
ThursdayFemale Jack Russell Terrier-4S
ThursdayHay and 6 ' Ford Flail Mower-4S212-2112
Thursday15 x 8 Building with Wood Sides & Metal Roof-Free to Anyone who Hauls it Away713-689-8515
Thursday3 BR House-4R212-2060
ThursdayElvis Magazines-Free
Gas Stove and Lawn Cart-L4
ThursdayPorch Rockers-4S934-4587
Thursday5 Piece Plexi Glass Top Patio Set-4S209-8001
ThursdayKing Kutter Mower and '81 F-250-4S654-3135
Thursday55 Gallon Blue Polyvinyl Water Barrels with Closed Heads & Screw Caps-4S479-831-7638
Thursday'05 Ford F-150 XLT-4S
ThursdaySteel Sink Faucets-4S621-3191
ThursdayOak Trees -Need Cut212-6608
ThursdayGas Grill-Free212-1126
Thursday100 # Propane Tanks and Chevy 16 " Truck Tires-4S621-8782
Thursday'94 Corolla-4S716-0951
ThursdayPanasonic Box Type TV, Size 12 Women's Shape Up Shoes, and Chest of Drawers-4S663-5620
Thursday'98 Honda Vaulkey-4S or 4T-Tractor560-3559
ThursdayPlastic 55 Gallon Barrels and Roto Tiller-4S
Dinner Bell Hanger-L4

ThursdayGeneral Electric Range with Self & Steam Cleaning, Smooth Surface Top & Warming Burner-4S932-0005
ThursdayLab Puppy-L4212-1521
ThursdayMixed Hay and 6 ' Ford Flail Mower-4S212-2112
ThursdayRiding Mower-L4621-7500
ThursdayNordic Track Treadmill with Workout Card-4S934-6033
ThursdayWindows Including Large Picture Window and Truck Aluminum Bed Truck-4S498-8580
Thursday'05 Polaris Sportsman with Front Blade & Winch Lift-4S525-1004
FridayJohn Boat with Trailer & Motors and Ford Truck Cap-4S621-0353
FridayMustang GT-4S623-4481
FridayWill Collect Scrap Items621-1527
FridayFiberglass Camper Top, Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor, and '97 F-150-4S577-6221
FridayBarber Chair and Exercise Equipment-4S689-6856
FridayWhirlpool Electric Range-4S 623-2447
FridayBarn Lumber-4S765-716-0624
Friday16 " Tires-L4592-4308
Friday'05 Grand Am, TV Antenna, and Grain Feeder-4S525-6100
FridayWooden Cube Storage-4S934-6682
FridayDining Room Chair Pads-4S623-3381
FridayRoadmaster 10-Speed Bicycle and DVD's-4S756-0394
FridayFarm Hay Wagon, Lawn Tractors, and Exercise Equipment-4S786-6426
FridayIndustrial Grade Mower and Chain Link Dog kennel621-2762
FridayLadder Racks and Roofing Nail Gun-4S623-4199
Friday2 BR Apartment-4R
Penntown Area
FridayBarbecue Grill and '95 Polaris Sportsmen-4S212-8534
FridayWheel Horse Mower with Snow Blower & Deck-4S592-9511
FridayCub Cadet Mower Parts-L4212-8538
FridayTroybilt Mower-4S621-2828
FridayFlat Top Cook Stove and '95 Truck Parts-4S513-846-9365
Friday'96 GF-350 Burning Barrels-4S525-0676
FridayHomelite Weedeater-4S852-4802
FridayDresses and Top Desk-4S621-7306
Friday2 Unit AC-4S614-7395
FridayPool Ladder in Excellent Shape-Free
FridayOutdoor Gym Equipment Such as Monkey Bars, Slides, & Swings-L4
Friday55 Gallon Plastic Barrels and Roto Tiller-4S
Dinner Bell Hanger-L4

FridayHay and Ford Flail Mower-4S212-2112
FridayHorse Buggy, Pony Cart, and Chicken Feeders & Water-4S216-6179
FridayCamper Weiht Distribution Hitch, Round Hay Bale Ring, and Lemond Alum Framed Bicycle-4S623-2068
Friday'05 Polaris Sportsman with Front Blade & Winch Lift-4S525-1004


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Knights of Columbus Council #848... @ Knights of Columbus Council #8487
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Canoefest Monthly Raffle @ Canoefest
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Indiana Wine Trail Spring into t... @ Indiana Wine Trail
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