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Buy – Sell – Trade
Weekday Mornings 9:10-9:30

Whether you’ve got a used lawn mower or a kitchen sink, a set of china or an old TV set; Dial-a-Deal is your chance to buy, sell, trade, or give away items – FOR FREE. It’s the classified ad section of the airwaves.

Call Dial-a-Deal from 9:10-9:30 a.m. weekday mornings at

  • (812) 934-5112
  • (812) 852-8000
  • (812) 222-8000

You can fax in your items with description and telephone number to Dial-a-Deal at (812) 934-2765.

Click here to submit your listing for on-air mention on Dial-a-Deal.

Rules & Restrictions

We limit Dial-a-Deal participants to three entries per week and three items per entry (no matter which medium you use: phone, fax, e-mail, US Mail). We also ask that no weapons or firearms be put on the program. No businesses, please! Dial-a-Deal is for individuals, only.

All our Dial A Deal Items are in one place, and the list is now searchable and sortable—so it’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

MondayFord Camper Shell-L4932-2393
MondayWheelchair, Dog Crate, and Cider Press-4S852-4802
MondayFemale Red Tick Coon Hound-4S623-2615
MondayOld 45's & 78's-L4765-847-2649
MondayPeavy 12 Channel System and AMC Motor-4S513-255-3856
MondayBoys 20 " Bicycle, Hubba Scooter, and Clothes Rack-4S663-5620
Monday'72 Honda Trail 70-4S528-2372
Monday210 Plastic Water Tank-4S765-623-8593
Monday90 Gallon Acrylic Fish Tank and Indoor Chimney/ Fireplace-4S756-1141
MondayHome Sewing Machines-4S212-2323
Monday93 Buick Roadmaster-4S654-3029
MondayLighted Advertising Sign-Free525-6100
MondayTeacher's Desk-4S934-2927
MondayAluminum Wheels-4S623-4199
MondayTire Shop Equipment-4S212-1917
MondaySnow Blower and 110 John Deere Tractor-4S371-8132
MondaySofa and Sectionals-4S934-3882
MondayCitizen & Fossil Watches, Cows and Calves-4S765-265-2645

Monday'16 BMZ Traildigger Bicycle-4S363-6097

TuesdayFisher Wood Stove-4S934-3882
'84 Mercury Marquis-4S932-2393
TuesdayBaseball Cards and Pumpkins-4S689-4559
TuesdayOld 45's & 78's Records-L4765-847-2649
TuesdayHome & Industrial Sewing Machines and Bionic Ear-4S212-2323
Tuesday'94 Chevy Truck-4S528-2372
Tuesday18 " Tires & Rims-4S623-4199
TuesdayBucycle-L4 Need Someone To Do Kitchen Stove Hood Repair934-2559
TuesdayMotor Home Cover-4S623-2208
TuesdayKids 10 Speed Bikes and Small Deep Freezer-L4560-5089
Tuesday'90 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible '91 Starcraft Pop-Up Camper, and '97 Mitsubuchi Eclipse-4S765-309-8046
Tuesday'01 Mustang GT and '84 Harley Davidson Nostalgia Soft Tail-4S623-4481
TuesdayWooden & Metal Farm Gates-4S765-716-0624
TuesdayLate 70's-Early 80's Baseball Cards-L4212-9252
TuesdayChild's John Deere Tractor and Trailer and Inno TAB 3 Childs Computer-4S363-4170
TuesdayShingles, Grain Moisture Tester, and
Extension Ladder-4S

TuesdayWood Master 4400 Outdoor Furnace-4S852-2298
TuesdayBetamax VCR and Late 70's-Early 80's Vintage Regular VCR-L4


TuesdayX-Box 360 with Games
and Wii with Games-4S Male Chihuahua-L4

TuesdayFord Ranger P225/70/ R14 Tires with Matching Set of Rims-L4609-4009
Tuesday50 Gallon Plastic Drums with Lid -L4765-647-5034

TuesdaySquare Hay Bales-L4209-9022

WednesdayAluminum Walk Board-L4934-4296
Wednesday'84 Mercury Marquis-4S932-2393
WednesdaySofa, Cocktail, & End Tables-4S621-0353
WednesdayHome & Industrial Sewing Machines, Headset, and Bionic Ear-4S212-2323
WednesdayHonda Foreman Snow Plow-L4621-8784
WednesdayRear Tractor Tire and Tractor Mower Parts-L4852-4807
WednesdayCarpet Stretcher-4S654-1961
WednesdayMale Toy Poodle-Free To Good Home623-3504
WednesdayOld 45's & 78's Records-L4765-847-2649
Wednesday13 " Tires-4S765-238-0113
WednesdayMower, Mower Engines, and Rear Tine Tiller-4S371-8132
Wednesday'77 CJ-5 Jeep-4S621-2762
WednesdayNeed Someone To Repair Kitchen Stove Hood934-2559
Wednesday3-Wheel Adult Bicycle and Bikes-4S786-6426
WednesdayWindow AC Units-4S212-5833
WednesdayKittens-Free To Good Home317-650-1690
Wednesday3 Piece Living Room Set and Table with Chairs-4S623-3170
WednesdayPine Boards, Grain Moisture Tester, and Extension Ladder-4S

Wednesday200 Gallon Oil Tank and 100-150 Gallon Diesel Tank & Stand-4S852-4282
Wednesday55 Gallon Drums of Oil and Antifreeze-4S859-620-1193

WednesdayIndiana Superstock Race Car with Trailer-4S571-4419

Wednesday'03 30 ' Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer-4S623-5051

ThursdayOld 45's & 78's Records-L4765-847-2649
ThursdayRendering Kettle,Cast Iron Dinner Bell, and Walker-4S689-4559
ThursdayEntertainment Center-4S212-3623
Thursday'71 Chevy C-60 Bucket/ Bench Seat-L4593-0712
ThursdayLarge AC-4S212-7215
ThursdayTwin Girls Clothes, Golf Bag, and Ceiling Lights-4S934-3394
Thursday'05 Chevy Impalla, '88 Chevy Truck, and Roosters-4S765-647-4093
Thursday'92 or Older Firebird-L4765-580-9277
ThursdayOutside Wood Furnace-4S934-4455
Thursday'84 Mercury Marquis-4S932-2393
ThursdaySmall Square Hay Bales-4S934-2296
ThursdayDining Room Set with Table & Chairs and Ford Ranger Truck Cap-4S

Thursday'95 Ford XLT Truck-4S
ThursdayAngus Bull-4S765-580-9238
Thursday18 " Wheels & Tires and Industrial Scrubber-4S623-4199
ThursdaySquare Hay Bales-4S Dairy Equipment-L4525-0676

ThursdayFisher Indoor Wood Stove with Stainless Chimney &
Assesories-4S Table Saw-L4

Thursday'03 30 ' Keystone Cougar Travel Trailer-4S623-5051
FridayOld 45's & 78's Records-L4765-847-2649
FridayCompact Tractor, Ford Tractor, and Tiller-4S525-6100
FridayPony Saddle-4S593-8960
Friday18 " Tires & Wheels-4S
Female Kitten-Free To Good Home
FridayBlack Angus Bull and Round Hay Bales-4S569-4321
Friday'95 XLT-4S765-969-5651
FridayCamper Shell with Ladder Racks and John Deere Rear Tine Tiller-4S Need Someone Who Can Trench/Backhoe371-8132
Friday14 " Car Tires-4S765-580-9238
FridaySmall Square Straw Bales-4S934-2296
Friday20 ' Gooseneck Cattle Tailer-4S701-0392
FridayUtility Shed-L4623-3201
FridaySears Lawn Tractors, '86 Ford Ranger, '90 Chrysler LeBaron-4S765-309-8046
FridaySamsung 32 " TV and Weedeater-4S221-5978
FridayStorage Building-L4623-0123
FridayNeeds Someone To Do Power Coating513-404-6207
FridayRoosters, Kitchen Antique Hutch, and Wood Rabbit Hutch-4S

FridayPine Boards, Grain Moisture Tester, and Extension Ladder-4S


FridayChickens & Coop-4S 654-3184

FridaySquare Hay Bales-L4689-6460