The WRBI-5 Oaks Garden Center Prize-Winning Vegetable Contest is back for another summer!

Proud of your garden? Here’s your chance to see how it stacks up with your neighbors’, as the 5 Oaks Garden Center presents another opportunity for you to submit your best vegetables – and maybe win a 5 Oaks gift certificate.

Entering is super easy: Just take your potential prize-winner over to 5 Oaks Garden Center anytime before October 19, along with the official entry form, which you can get at 5 Oaks Garden center or download here. The judges will award gift certificates for the winners in four categories: Cucumber, Pepper, Squash, and Tomato. The winners will be announced on October 25.

So get growing, enter our contest, and if your veggie is good, you have a good chance of winning, from 5 Oaks Garden Center and Country 103.9 WRBI!

Check out some of the entries so far!

Alvin Hoff Watermelon
Billy Vanderariff Tomato
Dave Welsh Cucumber
Dave Welsh Cucumber
David Welsh Zucchini
Debby Combs Zucchini
Glenda Hoog (Mickey Mouse) Potato
Greg Trabel Sweet Potato
Kenny Buening Squash
Nancy Gutapfel Alligator Cucumber
Alvin Hoff Cucumber
Arnold Davidson Cucumber
Cayden Lieland Zucchini
Chase Conn Cabbage
David Welsh Cucumber
David Welsh Zucchini
Dennis Moore Peppers
Jane Meyer Eggplant
Kay Leman Cucumber
Lisa Uphaus Cobra Bean
Ruth Reed Spaghetti Squash
Nicholas and Ross Lieland Zucchini
Sandy Collins Tomato
Sandy Collins Tomato
Sandy Collins Tomato
Teresa and Tony Veldhaus Cabbage