Dodge Ball

I recently read where many schools have outlawed the game of dodge ball for phys. ed. classes.  I am not sure what their thinking is, because in most cases the balls used were soft and about the only marks they ever left might be a little red welt if they hit you in a sensitive place.  I cannot see how you could assume that playing this game might cause a concussion, but that is the reason they list for outlawing the game.  My phys. ed. teacher in high school would have to have replaced one third of his curriculum with something else, because we played this game at least once a week.

The only people who seemed to dislike this game were the same people who disliked phys. ed. in general.  I can still see them standing in the front row and letting the first ball hit them so they could go sit on the sideline.  I always thought the game was a lot of fun, because there were few rules, you got a lot of exercise, and you could settle some scores without really hurting anybody.  The same people who got this banned are the same people who think everyone needs to get a trophy for participating even if they accomplish nothing.  Whatever happened to learning that you don’t always win?  Every kid needs to learn how to be a loser and accept the fact that everyone can’t win just by showing up.