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    Lost and Found Pets

    Tri-Color Beagle-Lost

    January 18, 2021 Caz Burdette

    Tri-Color Beagle-Lost. 4-years-old with a training collar. South of Sandcreek Church off US 421 near Greensburg. Call 606-6894 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets


    December 7, 2020 Brent Lee

    Light tan Poodle-Lost.  Approximately 13 pounds. Around Milan. Call 513 312-6983 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Female Cat-Lost

    November 16, 2020 Annie Nunley

    Black female Cat-Lost. State Hwy. 46 approximately 3.5 miles west of Batesville. Call 934-4310 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Male Siamese Cat-Found

    November 15, 2020 Annie Nunley

    Male Siamese Cat-Found. Napoleon area. He is very sweet. We are looking for his owner or someone to provide a good home. We already have 3 inside cats.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated. […]

    Lost and Found Pets

    Male Cat-Lost

    November 12, 2020 Annie Nunley

    Male Cat-Lost. Orange and White. Near Coonhunters Road. Call 934-2367 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Female Tabby Cat-Found

    November 5, 2020 Annie Nunley

    Friendly, female, yellow, and white Tabby Cat-Found. Has been hanging out all week at the office buildings by Quail Meadows. Call 212-0102 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Male Mini Pin-Found

    November 3, 2020 Brent Lee

    Male Mini Pin-Found. Has a collar, but no tag. Found on State Hwy. 4 between Ripley and Booneville Mississippi. Call 313-378-9521 for details.  

    Lost and Found Pets

    Calico Female Cat-Lost

    October 26, 2020 Brent Lee

    Female Calico Cat-Lost. Grey, yellow, & tan. From Cave Hill Road-Versailles Area. Call 689-7344 for details.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Male Kitten-Found

    October 23, 2020 Brent Lee

    Male Kitten-Found. Side of State Hwy. 46 between Batesville and New Point. Please call 212-6829 to describe.

    Lost and Found Pets

    Male Golden Retriever-Lost

    October 16, 2020 Brent Lee

    Male Golden Retriever-Lost. Name Bogis. 10 years old. Went out in his yard (10-12) and was gone when we called him. He has arthritis in his back legs and cannot see well in one of […]

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