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Spring Break

March 23, 2018 Coach Raver

Most of our area schools are now on Spring Break.  For those who had make-up snow days, the break started either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  As a long-time spring coach, I always hated […]

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Tiger Is Back!

March 22, 2018 Coach Raver

I think most of us wrote Tiger Woods off when he bowed out of the PGA Tour early last year.  Another back surgery, another admission by Tiger of over-medication, and more back problems.  However, when […]

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Shelbyville Graduate

March 21, 2018 Coach Raver

Daniel Kuhn graduated from Shelbyville High School and planned to play baseball for Trine University.  Andrew Poore of IU knew that Kuhn had won the IHSAA’s state track 800m run in 1’50.9″ last year.  He […]

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Sweet Sixteen

March 20, 2018 Coach Raver

How many of your brackets are still intact?  I would be willing to guess none of them are.  Where is Virginia, Xavier, Cincinnati, and North Carolina–or, for that matter, Michigan State? On the other hand, […]

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FBI Probe

March 19, 2018 Coach Raver

Every day or so you read in the papers or hear on the news that the FBI has named another coach or player who has been investigated for allegedly getting paid by a shoe company.  […]

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The Rich Get Richer

March 16, 2018 Coach Raver

Despite swirling accusations against coaches, shoe companies and players, the college coaching profession is finding unique ways to pay head coaches more and more bucks every year.  In the Indianapolis Star several ways were listed […]

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More Batesville Standout Graduates

March 15, 2018 Coach Raver

Congratulations to Wes McKinney of Hanover College who was named as one of 10 finalists for the National Josten’s Trophy.  The Josten Award is given to the top male and top female student athlete in […]

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World Record

March 14, 2018 Coach Raver

Batesville High School and Notre Dame Graduate, Chris Giesting, and 3 other members of the New Jersey New York Track Club set an indoor 4 x 800m World Relay Record at the BU Last Chance […]

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More Ideas for Developing Referees

March 13, 2018 Coach Raver

At a recent Coaches Corner, two of our area coaches were discussing the plight of high school referees and sectional assignments.  Right now, the IHSAA assigns referees to sectionals that are not too far from […]

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NCAA Brackets

March 12, 2018 Coach Raver

In one way our area teams did much better than what they have ever done; on the other side of the coin, many of our local teams did not make the Big Dance.  I hope […]

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