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IU Basketball

August 11, 2017 Coach Raver

Archie Miller, the new basketball coach at IU, is lining up his first recruiting class.  He got his first big recruit when Pickerington Ohio’s Jerome Hunter signed for the year 2018-19.  Joining Hunter will be […]

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Purdue Basketball

August 10, 2017 Coach Raver

According to an article I read in the Indianapolis Star, Purdue is looking forward to a healthy season for Jacquil Taylor.  He is a 6’10” agile big man who has been injured since arriving at […]

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Coaches Corner

August 7, 2017 Coach Raver

Coaches Corner will return a week from today!  We will be broadcasting every Monday (excluding holidays) from August 14 until the middle of April.  Tune in next Monday at 6 p.m. on WRBI for our […]

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Two Sides of the Class System Coin

August 3, 2017 Coach Raver

The class system is a definite benefit to the smaller schools.  For instance, Jac-Cen-Del & South Decatur have both had state titles in basketball.  Several other schools have had runner-up finishes. This is wonderful and […]

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Class Sports Continued

August 2, 2017 Coach Raver

In yesterday’s blog I explained how it is determined that a sport is classified or open in Indiana sports.  Today I will expound on the IHSAA’s reasoning for this.  The IHSAA thinks that school size […]

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Sport Classes

August 1, 2017 Coach Raver

You might wonder how the different sports in Indiana high school are classified. It is much too complicated to try to explain in this blog how East Central is 4A, Batesville is 3A, Milan is […]

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2017-18 Athletic Season Begins

July 31, 2017 Coach Raver

Throughout the state of Indiana many young athletes are attending their first “official” practice of the new school year today.  However, as most of us know, athletes work all year round.  No, they are not […]

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Pacers Move On

July 28, 2017 Coach Raver

As you know by know, the Pacers lost both Paul George and C.J. Miles in different forms of free agency. In the case of Paul George, you already know how I feel.  He got greedy […]

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A Longer Season

July 27, 2017 Coach Raver

The different fall sports associations asked the IHSAA for an extra week for their fall sports.  What they wanted was a week added  at the the end of the fall season.  What they got was […]

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