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Cost of Football in 1949

August 25, 2017 Coach Raver

In a previous blog I mentioned that Batesville felt they needed $5,000 to start the football program.  Here are some of the individual costs that they encountered.  It took $100 to put one player on […]

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First Season

August 24, 2017 Coach Raver

The record for the first Batesville football season was 4-1-1.  According to Bill Hisrich, this first team was very good.  They learned the game in a very few short weeks of practice.  They lost to […]

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First Football Team at BHS

August 23, 2017 Coach Raver

Did you ever wonder how football got started in Batesville?  According to Bill Hisrich, it began in 1949. The School Board President at the time was Bill Kelley, and he approached Dr. Lloyd Hisrich for […]

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Something Good About Travel Teams

August 22, 2017 Coach Raver

In past blogs I have been somewhat hard on travel teams for young athletes.  Here is something that is very positive about these programs.  If your son or daughter enjoys the sport and is competitive […]

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Friday Night Lights

August 18, 2017 Coach Raver

I know we are not in Texas, but nevertheless high school football returns tonight.  The stadiums in Indiana may not be as large as those in Texas but get out and fill them to root […]

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Good Old Days!

August 17, 2017 Coach Raver

It is time for the fall sports season to get underway.  I was thinking back to the good old days when each new season was a guessing game as to how many young athletes would […]

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Rivalry Revisited

August 16, 2017 Coach Raver

After a several year gap in the schedule, East Central and Lawrenceburg will meet on the gridiron this Friday night at Lawrenceburg.  These two teams have not played each other because of the split in […]

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Rushville Invitational

August 15, 2017 Coach Raver

In the old days of cross country your first meet was the large Rushville Invitational.  In its early years over 40 teams would invade Rushville for this huge opening meet of the season.  Schools as […]

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What Should The Reds Do?

August 14, 2017 Coach Raver

We are in the middle of August and I think it is obvious that the Reds are going to finish 5th in the National Central Division.  What should they do? For the final six weeks […]

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