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Bill Erne

November 13, 2013 Coach Raver

Whenever I hear a litany of statistics given during a break in an athletic contest, I think of Bill Erne.  From some time in the 50’s through the 80’s Bill was a fixture at many […]

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November 12, 2013 Coach Raver

Have we over reacted to concussions in every level of sports?  I am not in any way questioning the need for quick and complete care for anyone who suffers a concussion.  I think the problem […]

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Mark Ferguson

November 11, 2013 Coach Raver

When the 2013-14 school year ends, Batesville will need to find someone to take over from Mark Ferguson who is retiring as athletic director.  For nearly 20 years, Mark has directed 18 high school sports […]

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Weird Endings

November 8, 2013 Coach Raver

Normally you would expect that the two best teams in baseball would bring their A-game to the World Series.  The first five games of the 2013 series proved to be just the opposite.  One game […]

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Fall Successes

November 7, 2013 Coach Raver

Batesville High School had quite a fall season in all sport categories.  Football went 9-1 with a perfect EIAC conference winning record.  The girls cross country team made it to the semi-state and had a […]

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World Series

November 6, 2013 Coach Raver

It is November, and I guess the World Series is over.  I lost interest when the Reds lost the wild-card game.  I still advocate playing the season games in a 2-week shorter period of time. […]

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Home School Athletes

November 5, 2013 Coach Raver

New this year in Indiana is the eligibility of home school students to participate in high school sports.  The one stipulation is that they must be enrolled in the school and take at least one […]

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Private vs. Public

November 4, 2013 Coach Raver

Only you as a parent can decide what type of school is best for your children.  Whichever you choose should be one that offers your child the best possible education.  Neither type of school has […]

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Memorable Game Broadcasts

November 1, 2013 Coach Raver

When you sit down to broadcast a sporting event, you never know what kind of day it is going to be.  Marty Brennaman is hosting a reunion with some members of the Duke/Kentucky game in […]

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Certified Teacher vs. Lay Coach

October 31, 2013 Coach Raver

With the number of sports that a school offers today and with the limited number of faculty members willing or able to coach, it has become quite common to hire lay coaches.  Many people worry […]

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