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On To The State

May 30, 2019 Coach Raver

Congratulations to the following track athletes who won regional titles this past week! On the boys side, Matt Riehle of Milan was the 400m champ, Adam Moster of Batesville who won the 800m, and East […]

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So, You Want to be an AD?

May 29, 2019 Coach Raver

You can blame our weather today on any theory you want to choose.  All I know is that it is not like it used to be.  March winds and April showers no longer bring May […]

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Is It Happening?

May 28, 2019 Coach Raver

Since the NCAA basketball scandal of the past couple of years, the state athletic associations and the basketball coaches associations have decided to try to bring recruiting back to high school gyms. Big-time basketball men’s […]

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Memorial Day

May 27, 2019 Coach Raver

It is the first big holiday of the summer season!  Today is Memorial Day!  Even though a lot of schools still have a week left on their schedule, everybody considers this the beginning of summer. […]

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Indianapolis 500

May 24, 2019 Coach Raver

How many Indy 500 drivers can you name off the top of your head?  There are still 2 names that probably come to mind for a lot of you.  They are Andretti and Rahal.  After […]

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Spring Sports

May 23, 2019 Coach Raver

Believe it or not, the spring sport season is rapidly coming to a close for the high schools.  Except for a couple of sports (baseball, for example) the season will be over at the end […]

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New Sectional Assignments

May 22, 2019 Coach Raver

Are you aware that the sectional assignments for basketball and football have changed?  For the next two years, the basketball sectional involving Batesville boys and girls has added Connersville to the list and dropped Madison […]

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Middle School Softball

May 21, 2019 Coach Raver

I have to give equal time to our granddaughter who plays fast-pitched softball in the 12 and under league.  We were able to see her play 4 games in the week we were there.  It […]

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T-Ball Fiasco

May 20, 2019 Coach Raver

We just got back from our trip to Minnesota to see the grandkids participate in their spring sports.  Our grandson is playing T-ball this year where they only use the tee if they can’t hit […]

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Graduate Transfers

May 10, 2019 Coach Raver

In a recent article in the Indianapolis Star, Matt Painter of Purdue, was discussing his desire to find a graduate transfer to replace the graduating Ryan Cline and NBA draft eligible Carson Edwards. According to […]

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