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April 20, 2018 Coach Raver

Here we are on the 20th of April and it is cold and wet more days than it was in February.  My granddaughter has not yet had a track meet because it has not quit […]

Huddle Up


April 19, 2018 Coach Raver

Does it bother you like it does me when you set up award ceremonies for people and they don’t show up?  It is not uncommon today for a high school sports team to have a […]

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The Other Wood

April 18, 2018 Coach Raver

Almost everyone older than 40 knows about Marvin Wood and the 1954 Milan Indians.  Wood is a native of Morristown, Indiana, and was often recalled during the Yellow Jackets fabulous basketball season that ended in […]

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Pitch Tipping

April 17, 2018 Coach Raver

There are still some things left in baseball that are not controlled by electronic devices.  Of course, we have the instant replays and the strike zone rectangle shown on TV so we can complain about […]

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Newest Members

April 16, 2018 Coach Raver

If you weren’t at the Batesville Middle School last Saturday night, you missed an exciting evening when the newest members of the Ripley County Basketball Hall of Fame were inducted.  Paul Ketchum, Batesville’s Superintendent of […]

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Baseball Jargon

April 13, 2018 Coach Raver

Here are some of the baseball announcer’s favorite terms.  Did you know what they were talking about? A can of corn–goes back to the 19th century to describe a high fly ball that is easy […]

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Greensburg’s Ryan Welage

April 12, 2018 Coach Raver

Have you heard that Greensburg’s standout from 4 years ago, Ryan Welage, is planning to leave San Hose State?  Even though Welage has been an integral part of their program for the past 3 years, […]

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Indiana Boys’ Basketball All-Stars

April 11, 2018 Coach Raver

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Mr. Basketball for Indiana will come from one of these 6 players:  Damezi Anderson of South Ben Riley, Aaron Henry of Ben Davis, Eric Hunter of Tindley, Mekhl Lairy […]

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New Head for Indiana State

April 10, 2018 Coach Raver

According to the Indianapolis Star, Vicki Hall has been named the new head coach for the Indiana State Women’s basketball team.  If that name rings a bell with you–it should.  In 1988 she was the […]

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Coaches Corner

April 9, 2018 Coach Raver

I hope you can tune to WRBI  at 5:45 tonight for the final Coaches Corner of this season!  Please note the early starting time which is necessary so that the Reds’ broadcast can be heard […]

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