Batesville Main Street launches Re-Envision Grant program

Batesville, IN — Batesville Main Street has launched the Batesville Main Street Re-Envision Grant.

The Re-Envision Grant is an incentive-based program that provides financial support for qualifying applicants to re-envision and activate unused or underutilized spaces within their existing building to make the space available for a new retail, restaurant, food service, or specialty shop.

The Re-Envision Grant will be available to building owners and tenants located within the Batesville Main Street District and will be a dollar-for-dollar matching grant.

A total of $20,000 is available through the program.

Funds awarded under the Re-Envision Grant must be used by recipients to renovate, reformat, expand, reinvigorate, modify, or otherwise prepare the interior space of an existing building to prepare with the intent to lease the space to a new or additional retail, or restaurant, food service, or specialty shop.

“Batesville Main Street established the Re-Envision Grant with the goal to enhance the economic vitality of the Batesville Main Street District through the recruitment and addition of new retail and restaurant offerings,” said Batesville Main Street Executive Director Amy Pretzer. “The addition of these new establishments will promote and expand the current market offerings, improve walkability, and add to the overall experience of the Batesville Main Street District.”

Pretzer also highlighted the benefit of the program to current building owners and tenants.

“The Re-Envision Grant also provides current building owners and tenants with the opportunity to receive financial support to complete renovations or remodels they may have already been planning and also gives them the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through rental income,” she said.

Batesville Main Street is presently accepting applications for the Re-Envision Grant.

Letters of Intent to apply for the Re-Envision Grant are due on March 1, 2023, with final applications due on May 1, 2023.

Grant Recipients will be notified by June 1, 2023.

Application packets and more information about the Re-Envision Grant can be found at, by contacting Pretzer at the Batesville Memorial Building, or at [email protected].

The Re-Envision Grant was made possible thanks to funding provided by the Batesville Economic Development Commission.