Swap Halloween costumes to save money and reduce waste

Aurora, IN — The Dearborn County Recycling Center’s 13th annual Costume Swap is open now through October 28.

The event offers customers the opportunity to save money and reduce waste by reusing Halloween costumes.

Last year, over 800 people used the program, which saves money and reduces waste by reusing items that otherwise would only be used once.

More than 1,000 children and adult costumes are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Noon until 6 pm through the 28th – except for Monday, October 10 because the Recycling Center will be closed for Columbus Day.

Masks, wigs, makeup, accessories, treat bags and décor are also available.

All available costumes are clean and in good condition, with many being brand new.

The sizes of costumes range from infant and toddler to adult sizes.

Even a small selection of pet costumes is available.

Participants are asked to bring a costume that is clean, in ready-to-wear condition, and free of rips, tears, and stains.

To be considered for exchange, all costumes must also be complete with original items, including masks and accessories that originally came with the costume.

Those without a costume to exchange are asked to make a cash donation to the reuse program.

Shopping times and the number of guests allowed to shop at a time will be limited.

Participants should be prepared with a donation in case their costume is not accepted.

The program does not operate as a charity.

The Costume Swap is open to everyone and not just Dearborn County residents.

Visit dearborncountyrecycles.com for more information.