Deputy struck but avoids injury in incident at Westport area business

Westport, IN — A Jennings County man is facing charges after he allegedly struck a Decatur County Sheriff’s deputy at a gun shop near Westport.

Sheriff David Durant says deputies responded to the 13,000 block of State Road 3 near the Decatur-Jennings county line after it was reported that a man was trespassing and refused to leave the business.

He adds deputies arriving on the scene found 23-year-old Joshua Michael Gallagher of Scipio, who was unable to follow their directions.

Durant says when medical personnel arrived Gallagher became combative and struck a deputy, who was not injured.

Gallagher was arrested and charged with Battery against a Public Safety Official Engaged in Official Duty, and Criminal Trespassing.

Investigators say substance use on Gallagher’s part is suspected.