FCSO issues fraudulent check and money order alert

Franklin County, IN — Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies are warning residents about possible fraudulent transactions taking place through online merchandise sales.

Deputies are investigating several incidents in which items, including vehicles, are being purchased with fraudulent money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal checks.

“These checks and money orders look like the real thing,” said Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Major Greg Mehlbauer. “Sellers can always contact their bank to verify that the check or money order is legit. Or, the seller can also contact the financial institution issuing the check or money order to verify its authenticity.”

In some incidents, deputies have discovered that the buyers insist on completing the sales on weekends when banks are not open.

Deputies encourage residents to complete large transactions, and not sign over vehicle titles until the funds can be verified.

Anyone who has been a victim of similar scams and fraud is asked to contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at (765) 647-4138.