Batesville Council approves updates to land use portion of city ordinance book

Batesville, IN — Batesville City Council this week passed an ordinance updating the land usage portion of the city ordinance manual.

The vote concludes a lengthy process to update the code and create necessary changes. Mayor Mike Bettice says it didn’t involve just a few pages.

“We’ve been trying to do this project for a number of years, where the current sections of our manual, sections 151 through 159, and wanted to come up with a more unified approach on how to handle all of those different ordinances that were inside of those sections,” Bettice said.

He added the changes were way overdue.

“The last time we looked at this section of the catalog and had a real, major change to it, I believe was 1988,” noted Bettice.

The Batesville Planning Commission approved the changes at a special public hearing last month and sent a favorable recommendation to council, which suspended the rules for first readings and approved the ordinance.