Batesville leaders taking comments on whether or not to dissolve city court

Batesville, IN — Batesville City Council wants to hear from residents about whether operating the city court is still viable.

There have been discussions about a possible dissolution, which legally can only take place the year before municipal elections. Those will take place next November.

City Judge John Kellerman gave his thoughts at this week’s council meeting.

“We had the discussion and invited the Judge to come and be able to provide some insight into the number of cases, types of cases, so they can have a better feeling for how the city court really works and what it does,” said Mayor Mike Bettice. “I think Judge Kellerman was able to provide a lot of information as far as the number of cases they handle, some of the revenue streams, and that there would be a potential of picking up some more cases from the Ripley County folks at the courthouse in Versailles.”

Judge Kellerman said the court has a place in the community and provides a service.

However, all that would be needed is for council to approve an ordinance to dissolve the city court.

But before a decision is made, city leaders want to hear from residents.

The matter will be discussed again, and public comment will be taken, at the September 12 Batesville City Council meeting.

You can also express your thoughts by contacting Mayor Bettice, Clerk-Treasurer Paul Gates, or any city councilman.

Bettice discussed this issue and other topics during Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Pod on 103.9 WRBI.

You can listen to the complete interview here.