Eckstein, McDonald top finishers at St. Martins Country Run in Yorkville

One of SE Indiana’s oldest road races took place Sunday with the 42nd running of the St. Martins 5K Country Run in Yorkville.

The top overall finisher was 23-year-old Curtis Eckstein of Batesville with a time of 14:58.

The top female finisher was 17-year-old Annabelle McDonald of Lawrenceburg, who came in 14th overall with a time of 20:17.

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The top finishers for each age group can be found here.

50-year-old Sid Stephens from Georgia took the Most Improved Runner title. He finished this year at 26:39, compared to 43:10. That’s an improvement of 16:32.

The most improved female runner was 10-year-old Katelynn Swales of Guilford. She finished at 29:29, compared to 37:28 last year. That’s 7:59 better in 2022.

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