Farmers Feeding the Flock field planted

A 25-acre soybean field has been planted in northern Decatur County as part of the Greensburg Community Bread of Life’s “Farmers Feeding the Flock” fundraiser. (Provided Photo)

GREENSBURG, IN — On Sunday, May 15, a 25-acre soybean field provided by Shirk Family Farms was planted as part of “Farmers Feeding the Flock.” This is the fifth year for this popular and most successful fundraiser to help the Greensburg Community Bread of Life best meet the needs of those who are facing food insecurity.

There are three objectives to this project:

1. Utilize a local resource to help grow funds for the Bread of Life.
2. Help educate our community about the cost and risk of crop farming.
3. Promote agriculture in Decatur County as agriculture truly is the “Bread of Life.”

This year’s field is located at the north end of Decatur County near the intersection of State Road 3 and County Road 500 North. The planting date of mid-May should provide for a good soybean harvest in the fall. However, there are many factors such as weather, seed germination, weed control, and others that can affect the final harvest.

Sam Shirk planted the field at 140,000 seeds per acre in 15-inch rows at a depth of 1.5 inches and using a 24-row planter. It took a little over two hours to finish the field.

It is interesting to learn about the cost of the planting through the harvesting cycle. This year’s soybean field comes to $325 per acre for the inputs. Some of the input costs include planting, seed with treatment, fertilizer, weed control chemicals, fertilizer, insecticides, soil tillage, combine harvest, hauling beans to market, and crop insurance. The total cost per acre does not include the cost of land, labor, and interest.

Melissa Foist, Executive Director of the Greensburg Community Bread of Life, has been very appreciative of the Ag businesses, organizations, and individuals that have supported “Farmers
Feeding the Flock” the past four years by donating Ag supplies or sponsoring an acre.

“This farming project truly fits our community,” said Foist.

“Farmers Feeding the Flock” is an exciting fundraiser in which interested people can stay updated on the progress of the field on the Greensburg Community Bread of Life website, Facebook page, and local media.

“We will ask for prayers if the field needs rain,” said Foist. “It also serves as a reminder that crop farming is a big part of our community and our farmers count on good weather for maximum yields. This is just part of the millions of dollars invested in the many acres of crops in Decatur County.”

The Greensburg Community Bread of Life is in its 20th year of helping people in need. The first meal was served on August 19, 2002, with 13 meals. Last year, the Bread of Life served 19,149
meals with the help of 315 volunteers. Their mission statement is “Faithfully serving together to meet our neighbors’ needs.”

If you would like to sponsor an acre, volunteer at the kitchen, or want additional information, call Greensburg Community Bread of Life at (812) 663-1055; call/text (812) 662-4887; visit or email [email protected].

(Greensburg Community Bread of Life press release)