Frye looks ahead to next week’s special legislative session

67th District State Representative Randy Frye.

SOUTHEASTERN IN — A local state representative is looking ahead to the upcoming special one-day legislative session to consider ending the state’s COVID-19 emergency health order.

“I’ve not seen this before, but we’ll be going in next Monday and hopefully we’ll get this taken care of,’ said State Representative Randy Frye (R-67/Greensburg).

He said bills usually go through a long process before a vote is taken.

“But in this case, everything will be done in one day. In order to do that, it takes a suspension of the rules but we believe it’s important enough to do that,” he added.

“No one really knows how a vote will come out, but I’m confident this will pass and go off to the Governor and he’ll sign it and maybe we can put this behind us,” Frye said.

Governor Eric Holcomb is open to ending the public health emergency but wants to make sure that Indiana will be able to match federal funds for Medicare, food stamps and expand the list of people who can administer vaccines.