Decatur County ARPA grant funds distributed

DECATUR COUNTY, IN — Decatur County Council and Commissioners partnered with the Decatur County Community Foundation in August to administer funds given to the county by the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The purpose of ARPA is to deliver direct relief to Americans affected by the Covid- 19 pandemic.

The ARPA Committee was comprised of Decatur County Council members Deanna Burkart, Kenny Hooten, and Melanie Nobbe, and Commissioner Chuck Emsweller in consultation with Auditor Janet Chadwell, Deputy Auditor Christy Smiley, and DCCF Staff. Upon the Committee’s funding recommendations, the funding was approved by the County Council and Commissioners.

The Committee approved $530,369.19 in emergency relief funding to local nonprofits, volunteer fire departments, and small businesses. Fifteen nonprofits received funding for a total of $209,245.05. Five volunteer fire departments received funding for a total of $200,052.08, and eight small businesses received funding for a total of $121,072.06. The Decatur County Government distributed a total of $530,369.19.

“The Decatur County Government is happy to have the opportunity to support our local nonprofits and small businesses by offering this one-time grant program in an effort to continue the recovery from the economic impact of the pandemic,” Decatur County Councilwoman Deanna Burkart stated, “Thanks to the assistance of the Community Foundation we were able to do so quickly and efficiently. We take the stewardship of our monies very seriously and are looking at how we can continue to utilize the remainder of our distribution to make the biggest impact on our community!”

Funding will be processed by the Decatur County Auditor’s Office and mobilized as soon as possible.

(Decatur County Community Foundation press release)