Council approves funding request for light display at Umbrella Sky structure

Batesville Area Arts Council Executive Director Sarah Heppner presents the organization’s funding request to Batesville City Council Monday night.

BATESVILLE, IN — Batesville City Council approved a request Monday night from the Batesville Area Arts Council (BAAC) for $10,000 in Belterra Funds to help pay for light displays on the Umbrella Sky structure starting next month and running through October 2022.

The BAAC is working to secure funding for the lights, which would go up on the structure once the Umbrella Sky Project comes down later this month.

Plans call for a holiday light display for the winter season, a second one in the spring, and – if everything works out – a third light display to run from the summer through next October.

“We like having a variety of installations so that people in town can enjoy more, different types of art and colors, and hopefully we’ll get more people back again who enjoyed the umbrellas who want to see the new installations,” said BAAC Executive Director Sarah Heppner.

She said the organization has applied for a couple of grants to help pay for the lights, in addition to the funding request approved by Council.

Heppner added the BAAC will have to rebrand the structure in a corner of the Village Square parking lot at the intersection of Main and Boehringer streets once the Umbrella Sky display is taken down.