Rep. Pence holds sheriff roundtable in Greensburg

GREENSBURG, Ind. — The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office hosted Congressman Greg Pence for a roundtable that included sheriffs from across the region.

This was part of Rep. Pence’s kick-off of his American Security Task Force Tour that will be held across the Sixth District in August.

Last month, Rep. Pence was named by Leader Kevin McCarthy to the American Security Task Force. The group is set to be led by Rep. John Katko of New York who joined the County Sheriffs via phone for the roundtable.

“The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office had the honor of hosting a round table conference with Congressman Greg Pence. Congressman Pence invited each sheriff in his congressional district in which he serves to get information directly from elected sheriffs on upcoming and important issues in law enforcement from a federal level,” said Decatur County Sheriff Dave Durant.

Sheriffs in attendance included:

Dearborn County Sheriff Shane McHenry

Decatur County Sheriff Dave Durant

Franklin County Sheriff Peter Cates

Hancock County Sheriff Brad Burkhart

Henry County Sheriff Richard McCorkle

Rush County Sheriff Allan Rice

Shelby County Sheriff Louie Koch

Switzerland County Sheriff Brian Morton

Switzerland County Chief Deputy Chris Curry

Stephen Luce, Executive Director of Indiana Sheriff’s Association