Eagles Track Award Winners

The Jac-Cen-Del Eagles Track team held their Awards Ceremony on June 9th.

Girls Track winners were Kayla Simon – Scholastic, Captain, Eagle  Cloey Simon – MVP,Captain, Most running points, Eagle;  Lindsey Linville – MostDetermined, Eagle; McKensey Gray Most Determined, Eagle; Shaylee Volz Most Field points, Blanket Award; and Dillon Hughes Eagle Award.

Boys Track winners were Luke Comer MVP, Eagle; Christian Comer Eagle; Austin Hammond Most Determined; Jacob Jines Eagle Award; Josh Pohle Most Running points; Damon Hughes Blanket Award, Eagle Award; Adam Maloney Eagle Award; Corbin White Most Field points; and Austin Rohls Eagle Award

Ladies season 32-9, Men- 29-12.

Courtesy of Eagles Coach Larry Hammond.