Search ongoing for missing woman in Fayette County

Fayette County, IN — Equusearch Midwest, in conjunction with Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana K-9, and CCRT, announced that they will be holding a search for Denise Pflum next weekend. All areas are confidential as this is an ongoing investigation. The search team’s goal is to bring closure to the Pflum family.

Denise Pflum has been missing since March of 1986 when she was only 18. Denise left her family’s residence in Connersville and was headed to retrieve her purse from a party she attended the night before. Denise never arrived at her destination and her car was found the following day alongside Tower Road abandoned.

This will not be a public search at this time according to Equusearch. Equusearch has also assisted in Dearborn County for the search of Johny Werner.