Eagle Varsity Track Results From Lawrenceburg 5-Way

The Jac-Cen-Del Track team participated at the 5-Way Meet at Lawrenceburg.

Girls Team Scores.  Lawrenceburg 102, Oldenburg 85, South Ripley  83, JCD 62, Shawe 17          
Boys Team Scores.  Lawrenceburg 78, Oldenburg 70, JCD 55, South Ripley 46, Shawe 23                                          
JCD Athletes placing in the meet. 110H/100H   Adam Maloney 3rd, Cloey Simon 3rd, Kayla Simon 4th; 
100D  Luke Comer 4th; 1600M Josh Pohle 3rd, Lauryn Dilk 3rd; 400D  Payton Amburger 5th; 300H Adam Maloney 1st, Cloey Simon 1st, Kalya Simon 2nd; 800M  Lauryn Dilk 3rd; 200D  Yuki Casado 4th, Lauryn Dilk 4th; 3200M Josh Pohle 3rd,  Kinsey Rohls 3rd; HJ Christian Comer 2nd, Luke Comer 4th, Lauryn Dilk 4th; LJ Christian Comer 2nd , Cloey Simon 2nd; Discus Luke Comer 1st (5 ‘short of the school record), Corbin White 2nd; Emma Newhart 3rd, Mckensey Gray 5th; Shot Corbin White 2nd, Lindsey Linville 3rd, Mckensey Gray 5th.

Courtesy of Eagles Coach Larry Hammond.