Super Bowl II ring could be lost in Greensburg

BP Station at the corner of US 421 and State Road 3 Bypass. Image from Google Maps.

Greensburg, IN — A Super Bowl Ring might be in Greensburg, Indiana, but not on display as a showpiece. The son of a former Green Bay Packer is seeking the return of his father, Ron Kostelnik’s ring, after losing it and he is offering a $5,000 reward for its return.

Mike Kostelnik reported to the Greensburg Police Department on February 26 that he was driving from a visit with his daughter at Indiana University and take another daughter to tour Miami University in Ohio. Because there was no video footage when Kostelnik was at the gas station, The Greensburg Police Department says it is not known if the ring was lost, possibly stolen, or even made it to Greensburg in the first place.

They stopped in Greensburg at the BP Station at the corner of US 421 and State Road 3 Bypass. When he arrived at Miami University and discovered the ring was no longer in the console, the family went back to the gas station to look for it and to report it missing to the police. If you have any information about the ring, contact the Greensburg Police Department at 812-663-3131.