ISP warns of social media “Child Safety Kit” scam

Statewide — The Indiana State Police (ISP) recently received a complaint from a local resident advising of what appears to be an ongoing scam solicited via Facebook. This scam involves the offering of a “Child Safety Kit” by clicking on a link provided in the Facebook post.

The complainant reports having received two phone calls from two very persistent males requesting to come to her home and be allowed to load an App onto her phone as part of their “Child Safety Kit” service. She stated the callers were very persistent in setting up an appointment, and they falsely claimed they work directly with the Indiana State Police. She was never provided with a name or a company name.

The Indiana State Police would remind all Hoosiers that scam artists are pervasive across the internet and all social media platforms. Scammer’s methods and tactics are to get your personal and financial information by any means necessary, but as noted in this instance, they may often resort to invading your personal space as well.

The Indiana State Police say you can protect yourself by:
• Always consider any unsolicited internet/social media transaction with a “Buyer Beware”
• Never provided personal or financial information to an unknown source, whether it be on the internet, by email, or by phone.
• Never invite or allow a stranger into your home, especially an unsolicited salesperson- thieves commonly use this as a way to case your home for future burglary.
• Don’t be INTIMIDATED by a scammer’s pervasiveness. Delete the internet conversation or just hang up the phone when something doesn’t feel right.
• If you feel you have been victimized by a scammer, suspicious or threatening activity should be reported to your local law enforcement immediately.